A couple pioneered a FUELLESS POWER to power the CIVILIZATION

A couple has come up with a breakthrough technology that can throttle back greenhouse gas emissions.

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A great scientist of electronics -- Nikola Tesla once exclaimed -- “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” It is perhaps the “ripe time” to take the sage words by the Serbian-born American genius to heart!
From an environmental perspective, the present world is obviously a fearsome place to be. We have in fact made the worst use of the best inventions. What scientists discovered and gave to mankind have been senselessly abused -- setting off the alarm of danger. We only listen to what a bunch of capitalists dictates to us. Moreover, man’s weakness has been “easily” taken for a ride in modern times!

A couple pioneered a FUELLESS POWER to power the CIVILIZATION
We just allow bouncy celebs on booming TVs to entice us into possessing fancy gadgets endlessly! We are virtually tired of cleaning our house by hand which we did with ease till a few decades back. So, we quickly browse for a new dinky vacuum cleaner that does the job in a jiffy. What is worse is we merrily junk away the old gadgets we purchased just one year ago and luxuriate ourselves in a whole range of new gadgets! We have just purchased I-phone 13 a month ago, and after a year we impatiently wait for APPLE to announce it’s I-phone-14. We hardly think of the consequences. Every single second we send the smoke up in the production of the colossal number of hard appliances of convenience. We seldom give a sane thought to the fact that this planet might soon run out of fuel. The environmental fallout due to excessive exploitation of the earth's crust is no less serious concern.
Meanwhile, the UN frantically convenes a series of environment conferences all over the planet in order to educate us on the catastrophic climate change that looms closer and closer! Alas, this has hardly dampened our fascination for consumer items.

A couple pioneered a FUELLESS POWER to power the CIVILIZATION 
Unarguably we are squarely responsible for the fast pace of climate change. Our entrenched consumerism and collective delusion have relentlessly depleted the planet’s resources with alarming consequences! This year, the world recorded an “unprecedented” number of bush fires, flash floods, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, cyclones, forest fires, melting glaciers, tornados, and much more. Mother Earth has had ENOUGH of being plundered by humanity, and is now seeking revenge!
Of course, the conscious environmentalists now in desperation try to convince us that the only way out is to lead a frugal life. Switching our elegant motor cars with a humble cycle can alone cheer up Mother Earth. So, get on your knees to mop and sweep. Bring back that push-button phone by taming your inner impulse of desire. Buddha’s wisdom of austerity and abstinence alone helps bring the damaged ecosystem to alignment. But very sadly, amidst the roar of extravagance and exhibitionism, this “simplistic solution” hardly sounds practical.
True, the problem is multi-fold. This calls for serious brainstorming so we may arrive at an ingenious solution. Well, we need to turn around and change our “consumption behaviors”. There is an urgency, nay emergency for shifting our dependence from fossil fuels to green energy. Biogas, solar power, wind power and hydropower could alone hold out a ray of hope. If we want to live longer and see our children happy, we need to listen to what conscious environmentalists “dictate” us. We need to rhyme with the rhythm of NATURE.

Breakthrough in generating perpetual GREEN energy
Here comes a big relief. With a bang, the two environmental scientists from Hyderabad (India) recently put forth a great “solution”. They have come up with a breakthrough technology that can throttle back greenhouse gas emissions. It may help drastically cut down the damaging fuel consumption. The fruit of exhaustive research spanning over three decades the humble husband and wife -- Dr. Srinivas Bhaskar Chaganti and Dr. Bala Chaganti worked together and pioneered a revolutionary cyclic wheeler to address the greatest concern of modern times. Even BBC has done extensive coverage on the technology on 9th Jan 2022.

In fact, it could be the fundamental premise to quickly build a drain-less battery. Providentially, these two lovebirds experimented with this idea with exhaustive details. Their efforts finally have paid off this year, as they are successful in producing a powerful battery system as “hybrid perpetual mechanical battery”, with the potential to provide an immediate solution to the world’s energy crisis. Formally patented on 22nd Nov. 2021 under the Government of India, this invention might go a long way in solving the energy problems of modern times.
In summary, the hybrid “perpetual mechanical battery” is an INFINITE battery of sorts, tangibly COMPOUNDING energy production with “every turn of the wheel”.

The success or failure of a technology depends on its ease of implementation in industries and factories. It needs to be both practical, scalable and marketable. With 1-MW units, the Chaganti couple estimates the production of whopping 8,760,000 units of green energy per year. This system can also run “uninterrupted for a minimum period of 25 years”, making it exponentially more efficient than any existing clean-green energy system.
There is every likelihood of opening up the possibility of converting chemical batteries into mechanical setups. Who knows the idea can further be evolved and replicated in the making of a lithium battery and so on! The world will one day wake up to electronic gadgets that never run out of juice; vehicles that can travel the world without fuel!
A couple pioneered a FUELLESS POWER to power the CIVILIZATION 
We badly need the flueless power to power this civilization. Paradoxically, the earth's healing and human greed might very soon go hand in hand. It is indeed a great pride that this technological breakthrough has come from India! Kudos to the genius Chaganti couple from Hyderabad and the core team members - Mandadi Venu and Surendranath! Recognise EINSTEINS in your backyard!

Salil Gewali

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