Rohit Shetty to feature in Discovery Plus series 'Mission Frontline'

The series will see Rohit & Farhan spending a day with Rashtriya Rifle soldiers and J&K Police"s Special Operations Group in Srinagar respectively

NewsBharati    18-Jan-2022 11:12:00 AM
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Mumbai, January 18: Filmmakers Rohit Shetty and Farhan Akhtar will be seen together in one frame soon in the headlining Discovery Plus show, 'Mission Frontline'.

Mission Frontline
The action-packed episodes will see Farhan and Rohit spending a day with the Rashtriya Rifle soldiers and J&K Police's Special Operations Group in Srinagar respectively.
Rohit, opened up about the series, saying, "An experience that I cannot explain even through the best of phrases. People often associate me with action, but 'true action' is what these police officers personify. Given the high-tension area, leaving for duty each morning, and hoping for the family to be safe by the time you get back requires a lot of courage. I'm moved by their undying spirit," he shared. 'Mission Frontline' will premiere on January 20.
Sharing his experience, Farhan said, "If I could express the feeling in one word, it would be humbling for me. Back when we were filming Lakshya, we went up close and personal with the lives of our jawans, but stepping into their shoes and experiencing the hardships they go through on-ground is a life-changing experience. It was extremely difficult for me to get trained in such tough terrains and weather conditions, but their support and encouragement made it possible."