Forced conversion continues in Tamil Nadu! 17-year old girl takes her life after Christian missionary school force her to convert

The Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School is a government-aided Christian school.

NewsBharati    20-Jan-2022 16:12:52 PM
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A shocking incident of forced conversions of Hindu has surfaced from the Southern State Tamil Nadu, where such kinds of cases are rising day by day. In a latest incident, a 17-year-old student of Sacred Heart Higher Secondary School, M Lavanya, took her life due to mental torture imposed by Christian missionary school authorities, who were forcing her to convert to Christianity. The Christian missionary school is located in Thirukattupalli, Thanjavur district.

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Lavanya is studying in the 12th standard and has been living at the St. Michael’s Girls Hostel near her school for the past five years. According to reports, the government-aided school was forcing her to convert to Christianity to continue her studies. However, Lavanya refused to embrace Christianity.
Following Labanya's refusal, the school administration started torturing her mentally and cancelled her Pongal holidays. When other children from the school went home for the Pongal holidays, the school staff forced Lavanya to do chores like clean the toilet, washing dishes, etc. This act of the school management caused her mental agony and finally led to her suicide by consuming poison used in the school garden.
After Lavanya started showing signs of discomfort and her health started deteriorating, the hostel warden took her to a nearby clinic for treatment. With no signs of recovery, the warden had to call her parents. On January 15, her parents then admitted Lavanya to Tanjore Government Medical College hospital. During the treatment, the doctor found out that almost 85% of her lungs were intoxicated. She finally told the doctor that she had consumed poison. It is being reported that Lavanya breathed her last on January 19, battling her condition in the hospital.
After learning the truth, Lavanya’s relatives gathered in front of the Thirukattupalli police station on January 17 and protested, demanding action against the school. They alleged that Lavanya had consumed pesticides as the hostel warden Sagayamary had forced her to convert. A similar incident happened in Tripura in 2019 when a 15-year-old student died after being brutally tortured by a hostel warden for opposing forceful conversion to Christianity.