Major embarrassment! Controversial Tauqeer Raza's daughter-in-law exposes party's duplicity over women's empowerment, hails Modi

Nida, a victim of triple talaq, praised Narendra Modi"s government for empathising with Muslim women in India and outlawing triple talaq.

NewsBharati    21-Jan-2022 12:34:59 PM
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New Delhi, Jan 21: In a big embarrassment for the Congress and Tauqeer Raza Khan, his deceased’s brother’s daughter in law, Nida Khan, admonished Tauqeer for his double standard over women's rights, saying, "These Maulanas want to treat us women as objects of lust."
She also slammed Priyanka Gandhi over her election campaign- ‘Ladki hoon, Lad Sakti hoon’ saying it is a political gimmick. Nida, a victim of Triple Talaq, praised Narendra Modi's government for empathising with Muslim women in India and outlawing Triple Talaq. Exposing the Congress for their duplicity, she said the Congress leaders, including some ministers who are currently supporting women's empowerment, had once backed the Triple Talaq.
"Maulana Tauqeer Raza supported the Triple Talaq and said that it should be there because they don't want women to have security at all," she said.
Reacting to some interviews of Tauqeer Raza Khan where he was talking about women's rights, Nida said, if Tauqeer Raza Khan had been such a staunch supporter of women’s rights, he would have taken stock of the situation in his own family.
She levelled the allegations against Tauqeer Raza, saying, "he was unhindered when his daughter-in-law was struggling and fighting for her rights and justice, and now he is speaking out about women’s rights and endorsing the Congress party’s campaign. How can a man speak about the rights of other women if he hasn’t been able to deliver justice to his daughter-in-law? "
"He fools people through fatwas and does injustice to women through them. He issues one-sided fatwas due to which women are harassed. All his life, he has thought that women are like objects that can be used, " she added.