Diving Deeper Into Electric Scooters – Should You Buy One?

This article is primarily focused on scooters because these are the most popular amongst the class of commuting vehicles in India; they’re easy to ride, easy to park, great for maneuvering through our traffic, extremely practical, impressively comfortable and relatively inexpensive to purchase, maintain and run.

NewsBharati    24-Jan-2022 15:24:44 PM   
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Devashish Bharat Puranik

Devashish Puranik is a student who is currently pursuing his bachelor's degree in Transportation Design at MIT Institute of Design. He is extremely passionate about automobiles and enjoys sketching, digital art, 3D modelling and ocassionally even animating his automotive creations. He enjoys exploring a wide variety of art forms besides automobiles and likes to experiment with different media and surfaces too. Besides this he has a love for content creation in the form of video as well as text. He creates automotive reviews and videos on his two YouTube channels Ignite Motorrad and Devashish Puranik and intends to grow them further alongside his educational course. Delivering content and hosting videos in front of the camera is one of his strongest points. He is a motorcycle enthusiast himself and goes on long tours on his bike and is part of a few motorcycling groups in addition to having started one himself. He keeps himself in the loop regarding all things automotive and is always seeking to expand his horizons in these fields.