Do Not Take The Credit Even When It Is Due

Life is beautiful because of people who go beyond their duties and do not take their due credit too.

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Do Not Take The Credit Even When It Is Due 
My wife developed a problem with her right-hand thumb, it was getting stiff and bit painful. It was creating problem in day to day working. We thought that some home remedies will work and provide relief. As it is, everybody is worried about sickness. We being in senior age bracket were more vulnerable. One never knows when one can pick up Corona and more so, OMICRON and its threat is on the horizon so it was very natural for us to avoid hospital.
But then home remedies did not work and we did not have much choice as the situation aggravated.
Yesterday, I had a chance to go to Command Hospital in Pune, to the orthopaedic specialist, to be specific. There was a long que, then suddenly we found a senior lady getting up for my wife. My wife was embarrassed because the lady was certainly elder to her. She politely refused. However, the senior lady was not to budge, she insisted that my wife makes herself comfortable on the seat since she was a patient.
 Command Hospital in Pune

I do not know what to say but then I thought, let the ladies decide amongst themselves. Generally, people insist on taking the seat and here that senior lady was insisting my wife to take the seat.
The thought came to my mind that this senior lady must be patient too. So, I asked her- “You came all the way and must be having some health issue. “Now, she surprised me “I am not a patient but I come every morning here and occupy a seat and then who so ever comes as a patient, I give a seat to him or her, the needy one. Invariably I land up giving seat to the lady only. I have been doing this since last six months only and it gives me lot of pleasure.”
“Just for this, you come all the way from your home.”
“ No, I am an ex Nursing officer , so I help the patients in whatever way I can , this is just one part , I help them in understanding the medicines , medications , documentation , finding out the locations in such a big hospital . Sometimes I land up dropping the patients too, specially the old one.”
It was really a big surprise to me and to all those who were listening to this conversation.
My wife was quite amused because she never thought that somebody can offer the seat like that.
We consulted the doctor, he gave the prescription.
After availing his consultation, we went to collect the medicines. There was a long que as per our expectation so we were stopped outside only.
Thankfully everyone was wearing the mask.
It was more than 15 minutes and my wife was giving me the look of “I told you so “
I was just pondering about my next move, suddenly I saw that que was getting shorter, quickly.
There was a lady, who just came in and started entertaining the patients and helping out the existing staff in distributing the medicines as per their prescription.
She certainly was not a regular employee at that counter and there was a spring and energy in her entire approach.
"Madam, are you a volunteer?"
"No, I am working in this hospital."
"But, you are not regular on this counter." I persisted.
"I am a doctor working in this hospital, on Tuesday and Friday, there is lot of rush on this counter because it is OPD day for ex-servicemen, so I have adjusted my schedule in such a way that I give some time for distribution of medicines."
"Doctor, can I have your photo so as to write a post for my social media?"
She gave a big smile but said - NO, then I will lose my purpose.
Me and my wife, we were awestruck. In this world, where everybody is looking for credit for the things which they do not do, here is someone who in trying to contribute to in her own way and looking for her purpose in life.
My salute to this Doctor and the Nursing Officer. We are lucky to have people like them who go beyond their duties, for they feel responsible for it in and out of their tenure and hours. Life is so beautiful because of people like them.

Col. Virendra Kumar

Col. Virendra Kumar is a professional trainer, motivator, speaker and executive coach with management qualifications from IIM Banglore and SIMS. He has always worked and opted for diversified fields. In his professional life, he has lead people by taking them along , leading them against the tide , ensuring their development and providing authentic leadership.
His area of expertise and motivational talks involves organisation behavior, leadership , emotional intelligence , diversity and transformation of individuals and organisation. He has a good understanding of human behavior and its dynamics.