India Positive Citizen: Importance of A Generous, Timely And Selfless Action.

A brand new year. 365+ ways to make a positive difference to the world around us. Inviting you to be an India Positive Citizen. One action. Once a week. Every week.

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The significant problems we face as a nation cannot be addressed just by governments or civic bodies. A nation of 1.3 billion people needs millions to pitch in with mindful actions. In doing so we will create a better country and world for us to live in. There is a reason for doing good that does not involve the country. That reason is YOU.
As children we all loved receiving gifts. At a certain age we find that giving a gift is as joyous as receiving one. The smiles of the person receiving the gift make it worth the effort. The secret of living is giving.
Studies show that these are some of the health benefits associated with giving.
- Lower blood pressure
- Increased self esteem
- Reduced depression
- Lower stress levels
- Greater happiness
You may know some people who do enormous social work. They never seem tired. It seems they are powered by some divine source of energy. The secret is that giving in itself energizes the soul.
When you reflect on your life, there may be some purchases you regret. But never the money or effort invested in doing a good deed. It is enormously empowering and uplifting to know that we have the power to bring a smile to another.
We live in a world now where millions are going through increased challenges due to the Covid pandemic. We are different boats sailing in the same storm. Now, the world needs our contribution more than ever. If you positively impact even one life, then you have made the world a better place.
Giving back to society does not need to be strained or serious. Reflect on yourself as a person. What are you passionate about? What are your skills? What gives you joy? What are the needs of the community? The intersection of these is the sweet spot of your unique way of giving.
For example, if you are a mutual fund expert, you can choose to educate a minimum of 12 people in a year to start SIP (systematic investment plan) which will help them in their future.
Perhaps you are an artist. You can beautify spaces in the community and involve members of the community in the process to pitch in with time, resources and efforts.
There may have been a time when you needed help, and someone came in and helped you. There may have been a time as well when you needed help, and you wished someone would come and help you. But no one did.
Either way, you know the importance of a generous, timely and selfless action.
A brand new year. 365+ ways to make a positive difference to the world around us.
Inviting you to be an India Positive Citizen.
One action. Once a week. Every week.
Building a great Nation, one India Positive action at a time.

Savitha Rao

Savitha Rao is the Founder of the India Positive Citizen initiative ( and is focused on sustainability and social work. The vision of her initiative is to inspire every Indian to contribute towards nation building with one action, once a week, every week. She speaks of building a great nation India with one positive action at a time.

She has authored the books a) India Positive Citizen b) 500+ Ways to be an India Positive Citizen c) Putting India First: India Positive Citizen Perspectives

Through her non-profit foundation, Positive Citizen Foundation she leads on-ground initiatives to enable a kinder, joyous and more sustainable world. Prime Minister Modi too has appreciated the concept of her work and the book.

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