Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot dismisses ‘Love Jihad’ cases as jumla, calls Shraddha's murder an unfortunate incident

NewsBharati    22-Nov-2022 10:48:09 AM
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New Delhi, Nov 22: In a shameful incident, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot while speaking about the rising cases of Love Jihad across the country, went on to dismiss such cases by calling it ‘jumla.’

Ashok Gehlot calls Love Jihad cases as jumla, calls Shraddha's murder an unfortunate incident
In a video clip, the reporter of ANI asks Gehlot what he thinks of ‘Love Jihad.’ The senior Congress leader casually suggested, citing Shraddha Walkar’s horrific death as a mere context, that it is just named “love jihad” and called it as “Jumla” which is devised to attack and defame a particular community.

Rajasthan’s chief minister stated,"Shraddha’s death was an unfortunate incident. Inter-caste and interfaith marriages have been common for a long time. However, by linking the ‘Jumla’ to the tragedy, politics is being done in a way that targets one specific community."

Gehlot has a habit of denying the facts and dismissing it, be it Udaipur's Kanhaiya Lal's murder or the recent brutal murder of Shraddha Walkar. Besides, Congress has always turned a blind eye to violation of human rights of Hindus.