Basic Workout Nutrition Tips

here we will be seeing some basic diet tips for exercising individuals during winter.

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As we all know, winter awakens fitness enthusiasm among many. This pleasurable weather makes many wear their shoes and hit the tracks or gyms. As this weather in itself asks for unique food habits, the addition of some new activities like workouts also requires one to change diet accordingly.

Basically, no matter in which weather you are working out if you are a beginner or you are a pro at exercising, you are doing it on your own or taking a professional’s help, exercising needs special dietary management.
Basic Workout Nutrition Tips

So here we will be seeing some basic diet tips for exercising individuals during winter.

1. Protein: It is a well-known fact that post-workout, protein consumption is important. Why? Because protein aids recovery post-workout. But for the best results , one has to consume protein immediately after a workout. Now many gymming people opt for protein shakes, but if honestly if you are a beginner then you can have a protein-rich food after workout rather than supplements. Supplements are not bad but beginners need of protien can be fullfilled with foods. Some post workout foods can be eggs , panner , tofu , peanut butter etc.

2. Water: We all know the importance of hydration during workout but we also know that it becomes uncomfortable to consume large quantity of water during workout. So what to do ? For this ,one needs to start drinking water some time before workout (to keep body hydrated during workout), keep sipping little water all throughout the workout and drink some water post workout. Also make sure to have electrolytes during workout for better hydration. Also when you workout , your water intake or hydration throughout the day has to be perfect to avoid dehydration.

3. Meals:
It is recommended to have your meal atleast 45min before any exercise or physical activity. But if it’s not possible , like if you workout early morning then one can opt for small light meals or liquid foods that too atleast 15min before you start. During workout , one can consume protein shakes but it’s best to avoid any solid foods as it will lead to gastric discomfort. Post workout you can eat immidiately. Make sure to have any food within half an hour of finishing your workout.

4. Quantity: Initially when you start new , exercising can either leave you super hungry or not hungry at all. When you feel more hungry make sure to choose foods which can give you satiety in less quantity like cheese , eggs , paneer , milk , nuts etc. and avoid overeating and junk foods or munching on snacks. When you do not feel like eating , first sit and relax , drink water and after some time when you feel hungry have some nutritious food. Also you can opt for shakes or smoothies when not much hungry.

5. Sweets: I have encountered many people who choose sweet foods or drinks before , during or post workout for energy. This is the most wrong habit to follow.Sweet or carbohydrate rich drinks though give you instant energy , this energy doesn’t last long and once used you feel super fatigued. So instead of this ,you can choose to manage your pre workout meal which will give you lasting energy and during workout electrolytes solutions and post workout a protein rich meal. Also never think that since you are exercising that sugar is getting utilised. NO, it doesn’t , it still gets stored as fat , will raise your glucose level and later will leave you energy depleted.

I hope these tips will help you manage your workout nutrition. For those who are professional athletes or exercising at advance level ,it is recommended to get a customized nutrition plan to avoid risks coming with poor nutrition and heavy performance.

Neha Kank

Neha Kank has a P.G. in Nutrition, Diploma in Sports Nutrition and Diploma in exercise science