Mumbai Friends quit their high-paying jobs and make vegan candies, now earning in lacs…!

How inspiring is that?

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If you decide to do something different, go against the flow, no one, trust me no one can stop you. All you need is a strong will, determination, and a plan that will make your dream come true. It’s not me who is saying this, two girls from Bombay have proved these things to be true. A friend Duo from Mumbai Aashnee Gajaria and Sandhya Seshadri quit their high-paying advertising jobs and started their vegan candy business (Sounds crazy right?) and now they are earning in lacs.



Whenever we hear the word candy, we think about sweetness, sugar, calories, and whatnot, but what if these candies are gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan? Would you not want to gulp them down, just like that? In April 2022 (just a few months back) This duo quit their respective high-paying job and tried their hands at making gluten-free, sugar-free candies from completely natural ingredients like fruit pulp and natural colors. “Niblerzz”  is their brand and they are available on Swigi Mini, Amazon, Meesho, and other online platforms. 

In about 9 months they already have a great customer base, sold 1000s of packs, and earned in lacs per month. Social media played a huge role in setting up their business. They have their professional page on Instagram where they promote their business, and attract a large number of customers. "Real guilt-free gummies with nothing against your tummies." Is their tagline. How creative is that? 

Aashnee started her career in 2015 with a leading advertising brand, where she met Sandhya who was her senior then. They both immediately clicked and liked each other's work and helped each other to understand how a brand works. 

After a few months, Sandhya realized that her Advertising job is not fulfilling enough. In an interview with a website she says, “I had worked in the marketing/advertising industry for more than 13 years, but I found it very restricting. I realized that I was not learning anything new. So, I decided to take a break and started to bake at home. I enjoyed my time doing that and decided to take up a pastry course.”

Two years later, their paths separated as Aashnee went on to study marketing at Cass Business School in the United Kingdom, and Sandhya enrolled to learn the art of baking pastries from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

Meanwhile, Aashnee started a medical travel company in 2017 that assisted people outside India to travel to the country to get medical treatments but found herself looking for more. (Source: The Better India)

She shared, that although her travel business was going well, she wanted to do something more. She told that she loved eating candies and she was a big customer of candies, sooner she realized that India does not have a proper clean candy brand, which is vegan and gluten and Sugar-free. So that’s how the Idea came to her mind to start a candy business.

And Sandhya said, “People who live outside India are very conscious about what they eat in terms of sugar and salt. However, In India, we generally don’t think much about it. Sugar, Gluten, and Alchohol harm your gut, and in a very bad way. So we decided to make something that is gut friendly yet tasty. We knew this area of business was untouched, and hence we hopped on.”

And that’s how their brand “Niblerzz” started. A different brand with a different thought took a shape in the last 8-9 months and made lacs every month, with their vision, hard work, planning, and determination.

“Our main motive is to serve people with clean, and health-friendly candies. That serves best taste and health too.” They both said.

Isn’t that amazing that two young girls, with a great vision, started something different and now being entrepreneurs? Their journey is indeed an inspiring one. If you found it inspiring let us know in the comments section below.

Niharika Pole Sarwate


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