Ripples A Reflection On Dattopant Thengadi's Third Way - Part 21

While talking about the name of the platform, Dattopant Ji explains the concept of Vichar.

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I have been reflecting in my own way on Dattopant Thengadi Ji's Third Way. I present these small "ripples" that it has caused in my mind in a series. I am glad it has found its resonance in many thinking minds alike. I hope the readers have read the earlier article in the series before moving ahead.

While talking about the name of the platform, he explains the concept of Vichar. It is seeking truth, which may enjoy mass support, and may be opposed by the majority. Its validity doesn't depend on the support or acceptance of the majority. Seeking truth is an ' objective, dispassionate, scientific in approach, devoid of prejudices or biases and inhibition at least'. Its value doesn't depend on recognition. Yogi Aurobindo described it in a reply to Gurudev Rabindranath that', Truth need not go anywhere.

It is an inquiry where the conclusion automatically follows the facts. The facts are not to be adjusted to suit the conclusion. Seeking truth is to be done with a great responsibility. Mahatma Gandhi describes truth as 'God'. Of course it is not a simple activity, it is to be sought at a different levels too. May be in a series of attempts. Reaching one level in a way helps to arrive at the next level. Such enquiry is a collective effort which leads to 'collective wisdom'.

Dattopant uses the expression Bharatiya consciously, it is qualitatively different from the western treatment. Its nationalist character is not contrasted with internationalism. Gradually from the individual identity, it seamlessly grows into वसुधैव कुटुंबकम् . It covers animate as well as inanimate worlds too.

It is an inclusive process.

British systematically made efforts to reduce everything that was Indian to substandard or of inferior quality. Over a long period of time they probably seem to have succeeded. This posed as a great psychological hurdle. We should be able to accept knowledge and not the complex. Knowledge that comes as a result of scientific enquiry can be accepted but should be used keeping the culture, temperament and needs in focus. Ever changing needs can be accommodated in the light of Dharma. Careful scrutiny is required. Outdated,outmoded things will have to be left out. Whatever is best in other cultures ought to be adopted. It is to be assimilated in our culture. If we wish to give best to the world, we should accept whatever is best outside. No blind rejection or blind acceptance.

Truth cannot be twisted or adjusted to suit some hypothesis.

Our nation need not accept the western model of progress. Westernisationis not modernisation. We need to scrutinise all and assimilate the best as per the need. We should have the courage to refuse blind imitation of the west. Our intelligentsia has to work together and lead the process.

Vidya Deshpande

Vidya Deshpande has had a journey of more than four decades in the field of education. Her  main expertise is in the subject of Philosophy,  and she has worked as a teacher of philosophy and logic with Nowrosjee Wadia college for 36 years. She has been associated with the Janakalyan Blood bank for last for 38 years and has also carried out the responsibility as a management committee member of Karve Stree Shikshan Sanstha for 10 years. Her special fields of interest are Philosophy of social sciences, school education, development of skills for self reliance,  and top up skills to make students profession ready,