Ira Khan is getting trolled for her Birthday Outfit, Hijab Controversy came back…!

Now bikini is the new Hijab?

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Actor Amir Khan’s daughter Ira Khan recently celebrated her 25th birthday. And she shared a few pics from her birthday bash. Little did she know that she would be getting trolled for the same. She was wearing a bikini for her 25th birthday pool party. Netizens started trolling her and her father by asking them a question is it allowed in your religion? As we all know about Hijab Controversy, netizens started asking why there is hypocrisy?


Ira Khan

Many people dug out Amir Khan’s old statements like “My wife is feeling insecure in this country because of the rising intolerance.” People reminded him that he is living in a country where being a Muslim his daughter is allowed to wear such clothes and flaunt them publicly.

In her birthday pictures, Ira is cutting the cake in a bikini. She has her father Amir Khan, mother Reena Dutta, ex-stepmother Kiran Rao, her brother Azad and a few close ones. People called her “Badtamiz, Besharam Belihaz” etc. because she is wearing a bikini in front of her father.

Singer Sona Mohapatra came into the picture and supported Ira by saying ‘She is 25, A free-thinking adult woman. She doesn’t need the approval of her father or yours, for her choices.”

While this may create a false impression of feminism, we can not forget what the actor said about the country and the situation of Muslims in this country. Netizens are making him remember that and telling him that this is hypocrisy.

Now the question here is, Why do these celebrities share their knowledge with the entire world, but do not follow the same for their kids, and families. They will share what their holy book says, but they won't follow those learning at their home. Take Amir, Shahrukh, or any of these celebs, watch their kids, watch their lifestyle. You will see hypocrisy everywhere. 

Are we following blindly these celebs and making them our heroes? If yes we need to think twice. 

Here are a few tweets that are getting viral. Have a look :

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