Ripples A Reflection On Dattopant Thengadi's Third Way - Part 28

Dattopant refers to the theory of Integral Humanism by Pt. Deendayal Ji which is to be the point of reference as the theory reflects the crux of Sanatan Dharma.

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I have been reflecting in my own way on Dattopant Thengadi Ji's Third Way. I present these small "ripples" that it has caused in my mind in a series. I am glad it has found its resonance in many thinking minds alike. I hope the readers have read the earlier article in the series before moving ahead.

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When institutional framework of our country, from the nationalists' point of view is to be discussed the point of reference ought to be Dharma. ' The unchanging, eternal universal laws' -- Dharma which can help evolve the framework for ever changing socio-economic order. ( M Rama Jois - a suprime court lawyer, worked as the chief justice of Panjab and Hariyana court and a Rajayasabha m p, wrote a book ' Legal and Constitutional History of India'. The book explains the concept of Dharma in detail. Dattopant refers to the book)

Dattopant refers to the theory of Integral Humanism by Pt. Deendayal Ji which is to be the point of reference as the theory reflects the crux of Sanatan Dharma.

Shri Guruji and Deendayal Ji presented many points related to application of Sanatan Dharma. The concept of Janapada is one of them. Janapada is made of 'an area with common local characteristics'. Decentralisation of power can be realised if Janapadas are developed properly. He cites an example of the agitations for the smaller states from North-east, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh. ( Many of these agitations succeeded and smaller states are formed now.)
Shri Guruji emphasised on unanimous election at the lowest primary units. Even the Prophet too suggested this on some occasions.

Functional representation is the second suggestion by Shri Guruji. With the changing time and needs of society, many new trade groups are being shaped. Of course modern technology results into inter-ocupational mobility too. All these along with old groups need to be given reasonably sufficient representation. Many bodies , associations, unions working in this field can help in this.

At the same time a vast unorganised sector should also be covered. Organisational structure is required and it is to be worked upon as early as possible to allow their systematic representation.

Dattopant appeals lawyers to help making it work.

He thinks that we have to revisit many issues with a totally fresh frame of mind. It is absolutely essential for the national reconstruction.

After the failure of 'western thought system' it is our devine responsibility to show the 'Third Way'. We need to form a new constituent assembly too where Adhivaktas need to work very hard, it is their responsibility towards the society.

Vidya Deshpande

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