Panchayat 2 landed before time - a Series that will make your stomach ache.

A rollercoaster of Fun and Emotions

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A much-awaited web series Panchayat 2 has arrived finally, and it arrived earlier than it was expected. And fans can not be happier than this because finally, they are able to watch the funny incidents between Sachiv Ji and Pradhan Ji. Neena Gupta and Jeetendra Kumar stole the show completely, and the internet is filled with love notes for this warm, light, and humorous show.

Panchayat Sesason 2 
This show was accidentally uploaded on Amazon Prime the other day, and later on, removed, then this one got leaked so Amazon Prime had to prepone the launch date of this series. But what happens, happens for the best. All the viewers are extremely happy now with the Before Time Landing.

This show is picked where it was left. Almost everything remains the same in the Phulera Gaon. Including the Phakauli Bazar, Pradhan Pati, and his habit of gifting lauki to sachiv ji, Vikas, and their entire team. However now Manju Devi who is the original Pradhan of the gaon is no more a shy lady, holding her ghuoonghat all the time. She is willing to learn and get involved in the village-related govt. work. For which she was actually elected. However, Pradhan Pati (Raghuveer Yadav) is still reluctant in involving her.
The new entry Rinki has done a great job. And this character is loved by all. Her parents Pradhan Pati and Manju Devi are searching for an eligible bachelor for her, they found one, but things do not go as planned. Some anticipated the love angle between Sachiv Ji (Jitu bhaiya) and Rinki. Is it true? Well, for that you will need to watch this series.
In this season Abhishek (Sachiv JI) looks happier, he is no more cribbing about his life as sachiv of Panchayat or his 20000 INR salary. Until his foreign return friend bags 1.5 Cr. package in MNC. This does make him a little sad about his life.
This time you will see hardcore panchayat politics in this series which will make your stomach ache. All have done a great job in their respective role, be it Sachiv ji, Brij Bhushan (Pradhan Pati - Raghuveer Yadav) or Vikas and Pralhad, or even Manju Devi (Neena Gupta). Neena Gupta with her natural acting and lovely dialogue delivery stole the heart of the viewers.
Another new character is Pintu ki mummy. Gullak’s Bittu ki Mummy is now Panchayat’s Pintu ki Mummy. And here also she nailed it. Her funny dialogue delivery will make you laugh throughout.
Raghuveer Yadav, Neena Gupta, and our favorite Boy Net Door Jitendra Kumar nailed the show.
Overall the second season will not disappoint you, like other series. You will have same fun watching the hilarious incidents and circumstances that occurred in Fulera Gaon. Deepak Kumar Mishra (Fondly remembered as Purushottam ji from TVF family) and Chandan Kumar who played the role of Vikas in this series have done a fantastic job writing and direction-wise.
Beautifully written, amazingly shot, and presented this series will take you on a fun ride. However, the last episode is high on emotions so it will make you cry as well. It has 8 episodes, each 35 mins long. This entire series is binge-watch-worthy. So make sure that you don’t miss this one this weekend.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate 

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