Pointers from Nupur Sharma episode

Nupur Sharma"s episode is not over. If the powerful Left Islamist lobby has its way, it is not going to be over in near future. However, there are some pointers and implications that we, the people of Bharat, may need to ponder over.

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Here is my take. Readers can disagree with it and counter it with facts. Some may be repeats and only reconfirm what has been noted earlier. I will be happy to be corrected and I fervently hope that I am wrong and things will change for the better. Some of these indications come from executive and police actions, some from legal pronouncements.
The Hypocrisy Around Nupur Sharma  

  • Section 295A is not applicable to majority (Hindus) and other Indic religion. It can be invoked by Abrahamic religions, particularly Muslims. Because, Hindus don’t have a concept of blasphemy, they better not invoke it, though law doesn’t discriminate as far as I understand.

  • Since, there is no concept of blasphemy, Hindus shouldn’t get outraged if their faith, their Gods are ridiculed, insulted or abused. These fall under Freedom of Expression. Getting outraged is the privilege of “minority”, generally, Muslim.

  • In this anger is born out of ‘fear’, people may invoke personal laws that may be in conflict with our Constitution, but one needs to handle such cases with kid gloves because a person was angry and frustrated.

  • A non-Muslim should avoid quoting texts of Muslims. If he/she does it, he/she may do it at his/ her own risk, as it is a very sensitive subject. Same quote by a Muslim like Zakir Naik or other Islamic scholars is fine, as it is their book. I recall, during a debate on TV, I asked a question on Shariah, the normally peaceful, agreeable Maulana, lost his shirt, stood up and yelled at me, how dare you talk about Shariah!

  • In light of the above, sensible debate on religious issues and philosophies can’t take place. If they happen, the Hindu side shall debate with one hand tied, or rather be tongue tied. Even if the other side provokes, one must restrain self. While TV channels watch at TRPs gleefully, one must take care of nurturing Bharatiya philosophy of “Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti” or how will Bharat show the right path to the world? (By the way, I think, contrary to TV channels’ belief, mango people have stopped enjoying these polarised angry shouting matches.)

  • Since, we have to show the right path to the world, we must be tolerant, because we have been well trained to believe that saving secularism and keeping peace in our society is the sole responsibility of Hindus. We must not outrage, only minority has the privilege of being outraged.

  • In a debate about maintaining peace during multiple attacks in Navratri period beginning with Hindu New Year till Ram Navami, a prominent Muslim intellectual said, “ Yes, Hindus must worry about negative publicity as it affects FDI.” I asked him, “Pray, why Muslims shouldn’t be worried about fall in FDI?” And I cite a modern high ranking supposedly moderate educationist not a vague bearded person who was seen exhorting his followers happily, “Don’t think such disturbances are of no use, they can stop FDI!” There was no response, ofcourse, from the educationist. Running a thriving economy too is the responsibility of Hindus.

  • Even educating the underprivileged children is onus of Hindus as 93rd amendment by Congress led UPA exempts minorities from doing their duty to the society through RTE – Right to Education.

  • If a serious dispute arises during a heated debate, the “majoritarians” may be penalised for any aggressive language, even if argument is correct, but one must be lenient with the minority can take excuse oneself because he/she was offended. Right to offend is not enshrined in constitution and can be used selectively.

  • Constitution can be invoked by belligerent Muslims as long as it suits their purpose but may be rightfully questioned if it hurts their supremacist view point. Whether it is blocking Gyanvyapi temple turned mosque survey or opposing triple talaq or CAA laws or Hijab they can twist around Constitution but can hark back on Places of Worship Act 1991.

  • Protesting against unjust PoW act is communal and one may not demand its amendment, nor talk about historical wrongs, since “how many years can one go back?”, but Hindus must be condemned in the name of anti-Brahminism for what their forefathers did. However, a Hagia Sofia can be converted from a Church or museum to a mosque and one shouldn’t question this glorious reconversion to mosque.

  • History of India should stop at Mughals, majoritarian community shouldn’t go beyond it as it is mythical, outdated, damages inter-faith relations. Put a black shroud beyond that period. “One gains nothing even if Truth is uncovered and accepted”, since it may hurt our Muslim brethren, even if in the same breath we all agree that they are Indians not Turks or Mongols or Mughals and there is no reason why they should stand in for the invaders. Even though we may applaud remembrance of Jew Holocaust or Native and Black persecution.

  • Our Muslim brethren have a right to ask for religious privileges, though we cut our motherland into pieces so they could enjoy their life under shariah and bask in the glory of Mohammad Bin Qasim and ilk. But, we must remain to hypocritical idea of secularism, reduced by politicians to disadvantaging majority.

I hope once we adjust to the renewal of the old normal of living like condemned citizens despite nurturing all faiths and religions over eons, we can have peace till we travel back to glorious Dar-ul-Islam and live happily ever after. As I noted, I seriously hope I am proven wrong in coming days.

Ratan Sharda

Ratan Sharda has been awarded a PhD for his thesis on RSS. He is an author, columnist and renowned TV panelist. He has written 9 books of which 7 are on RSS, one on Guru Nanak Dev and one on Disaster Management; translated two books about RSS – The Incomparable Guruji Golwalkar and M S Golwalkar: His Vision and Mission, from Hindi to English; written by the foremost RSS thinker Shri Ranga Hari. He has edited/designed 12 books.

His most popular books on RSS are RSS360 degree, Sangh & Swaraj, RSS – Evolution from an Organisation to a Movement, Prof Rajendra Singh Ki Jeevan Yatra and Conflict Resolution: The RSS Way.

Ratan Sharda has travelled extensively in and outside Bharat. He was jailed during 1975-77 in the days of Emergency. He was an ERP consultant for two decades in addition to varied industrial experience of 2 decades. He was the founder secretary of Vishw Kendra (Centre for International Studies), Mumbai for eight years. He is an advisor to many educational institutions and voluntary organisations.