This is what our Indian Flag would look like if Gandhi Ji’s decision would have taken into the consideration..!

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India’s 75th Independence day is around the corner, and everyone is celebrating #HarGharTiranga campaign. What a thoughtful campaign it is, that is bringing everyone together and promoting unity. However there is a history behind this flag, and I am sure no one will tell you the “Entire Story” the Real Truth.



So many people are asking what is the story behind Tiranga? How did it become our Indian National Flag? So here it is when India was about to get independent in July 1947 there were discussion going on, what will be there on India’s National Flag? At that point congress’s flag was having the same tricolor on it along with Charkha (Where right now we have Ashok Chakra).

At that time it said that, Mahatma Gandhi wanted Union Jack in the corner of the Tricolor. And Charkha in between. But no one agreed to this point as Union Jack was a symbol of the non independence that India went through for 200 years. On 19th July 1947 in one Prarthana Sabha Gandhi Ji said, “If Union Jack is present in Indian National Flag I have no issues with that. (Mujhe isse koi apatti nahi hai). This is written in Gandhi Vangmay as well.

Union Jack was a symbol of “Partantrata” Indian’s faced when so having Union Jack would have been the huge Insult of all Indians. Gandhi ji was really unhappy when it was decided that on the place of Charkha there will “Ashok Shakra”. On 6th August 1947 he said, “Agar Bharat ke Jhande par charkha nahi hoga to mai us jhande ka abhivadan karne se inkar karta hun” (If there will be no charkha on the National Flag, I won’t accept the flag.I won’t bow down in front of it”) He even said, “I was the one who came up with the idea of National Flag.” Which was said to be a wrong statement. Because the first version of Indian National Flag was hoisted by Bhikaji Rustom Kama in 1907 and this idea was developed by Bhikaji Kama and Swatantrya Veer Savarkar. 
So if this flag has been finalised as India’s national flag, it would had Union Jack and Charkha in it.

Thankfully it did not happen like that and we have our Tiranga today which is a proud symbol of Indian Nationality and Unity and Prosparity.

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- Niharika Pole Sarwate 

Niharika Pole Sarwate

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