5 times when pastor George Ponnaiah spat venom against Hindus-

NewsBharati    10-Sep-2022 13:00:23 PM
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Controversial Catholic priest George Ponnaiah of Kanyakumari is known for his derogatory statements against Hindus. He has hit headlines obviously for the wrong reasons.
5 times when pastor George Ponnaiah spat venom against Hindus
Here are five such statements made by him that have landed him in trouble several times.
1.DMK won only by Christian & Muslim votes and not Hindu votes- During the public meeting at Arumanai, pastor George Ponnaiah slammed the Minister for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HRCE) PK Sekar Babu. He emphasised, “It does not matter how many temples you renovate and consecrate. No Hindu, no devotee of Mandaikattu Amman is going to vote for you. If you won, then it is the alms we Christians and Muslims have thrown to you. You won not because of your talents.”
2.The Pastor went on pass derogatory remarks against BJP MLA MR Gandhi for not wearing shoes and insulted Bharat Mata by saying, “MR Gandhi does not step on the ground wearing footwear because he considers it as Bhoomi Devi.” He went on to add, “But we wear shoes. Why? Because the impurities of Bharat Mata should not contaminate us. The Tamil Nadu government has given us free footwear. This Bhoomi Devi is dangerous, you could catch scabies from it.”
3. "We (Christians) were 42% once, now we are 62% of the total population in Kanyakumari, soon we will cross 70%, no one can stop us. We say this as a warning to BJP and RSS, we neither fear you nor can you stop us."
4.The Pastor also spat venom against PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. He said, went on to declare, "by God’s (Jesus) grace, Amit Shah and PM Modi would have a terrible end, their life towards the end would be miserable and their bodies will be eaten up by dogs, worms and insects."
5.Rahul Gandhi during his 150-day Bharat Jodo Yatra met the controversial pastor at the Muttidichan Parai Church, Puliyoorkurichy where he camped for a morning break on Friday. In the viral video, the Congress leader can be heard asking, "Jesus Christ is a form of God? Is that right?" to which the Tamil Nadu priest George Ponniah replied, "He is the real God." Ponniah goes on to say, "God reveals him(self) as a man, a real person...not like Shakti...so we see a human person." When such statements were made against Hindu deities, Rahul Gandhi remained silent.
For all these ant-Hindu comments, he was arrested in July, 2021 and he was slammed by Madras High Court for creating communal disarmony.