"Respect increased for Dhinchak Pooja": Memes flood internet as Congress supporter release cringe Bharat Jodo Yatra 'rap'

Twitter users are of the opinion that Dhinchak Pooja is better than Congress supporter Anam Ali"s cringe Bharat Jodo Yatra rap

NewsBharati    18-Jan-2023 10:17:48 AM
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A Congress supporter posted a video of herself rapping in support of Rahul Gandhi‘s ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra which was nothing but cringeworthy, according to the Twitter world. Soon after the video went viral, cringe pop star and internet sensation Dhinchak Pooja started trending on Twitter.
Bharat Jodo Yatra rap Dhinchak Pooja
While the song has not sung been by Pooja, Twitter users are of the opinion that her music is better than then rap song that the woman dropped on Tuesday.
The woman who posted the video is Anam Ali, a Congress supporter. Twitter users couldn’t help but post sarcastic comments on her video and were of the view that the song reminded them of Dhinchak Pooja, whose music is “far superior.”
Notably, Dhinchak Pooja, whose real name is Pooja Jain, rose to fame in 2016 after releasing songs such as ‘Swag Wali Topi’, ‘Selfie Maine Leli Aaj’. She even appeared as a contestant on Bigg Boss.
Twitteratis flooded the internet with hilarious memes