Why Nothing Adverse Sticks to Modi ?

Riots took place in 2002. Narendra Modi was CM at that time and he continued to hold that position till 2014 when he took over as PM of India with very clear majority, won elections in 2019 as well with thumping majority. How that is happening?

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A group of 13 former judges, 133 ex-bureaucrats, including diplomats, and 156 veterans on Saturday termed the BBC documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi as reeking of motivated distortion that is "as mind-numbingly unsubstantiated as it is nefarious
Riots took place in 2002. Narendra Modi was CM at that time and he continued to hold that position till 2014 when he took over as PM of India with very clear majority, won elections in 2019 as well with thumping majority. How that is happening? Even Mrs Indira Gandhi lost elections in 1977 even though she got us historic victory in 1971 War. What is so special in Narendra Modi that nothing adverse sticks to him and people vote for him.
PM Modi
Now, let us see what is happening in country. Rahul Gandhi is busy in Bharat Jodo Yatra and he is having lot of traction. Modi has not commented. Nitish Kumar is busy in caste census in Bihar so that he can generate some politically significant caste capital in Bihar which probably can help him to survive politically. There is no comment from Modi. Supreme Court is busy in protecting its turf in collegium case where it is not ready to forego its judicial dadagiri in appointment of judges. If you go to Twitter, people are criticising Modi for wearing costly suits. costly watch and using costly pen even though everyone know that Modi has paid from his pocket for all these. Then in media, you will see Oxfam report which says that 10% of Indians hold 77% of wealth and all opposition leader blame Modi for this. Surprisingly most of them who blame Modi are from this 10% of segment while Modi certainly does not belong to this class with his total assets of 2.23 crores, mostly bank deposits and no immovable assets.
Let us come to the BBC documentary. Lot of investigation has been carried out by various state agencies and Modi has been given clean chit. Is the BBC documentary above the Supreme Court of India? Prof Tariq Mansoor, Vice Chancellor of AMU attributes the documentary to colonial mindset of BBC.
AMU VC Tariq Mansoor writes: BBC series ‘The Modi Question’ gets it wrong. Indian Muslims want to move on from the past — we do not live there anymore
The BBC has assembled 20 years of biased reportage, peppered it with outdated condiments and garnished it with loads of misplaced victimhood.
Question is Why so many of likes of Rahul Gandhi, Prasant Bhushan, Mahua Moitra etc still make effort to defame or discredit Modi. Reason is very simple. They do not have much choice. Today it is BBC documentary on Gujrat riots, tomorrow you will see Chinese incursion. Problem is that entire world is facing recession, India will be last to come in it if at all it is affected. Modi has been able to take India out of covid menace successfully with Indian vaccines. Rahul Gandhi openly advocated Pfizer vaccine along with so many others. Akhilesh Yadav refused to take Indian vaccine.
Do you see any scams now?
Has Modi been able to eradicate corruption at grass root level? Has Modi been able to eradicate inequality in Indian system? Has he removed the caste system from our psyche? The answer is NO. Indian public is smart enough to understand that Modi is making sincere effort to achieve the impossible targets. His intentions and handwork are adorable. They do understand that all those who work can only make the mistakes. Removal of article 370 and Ajodhya temple issue resolution are prime example. He is uncorruptible in his personal conduct?
He is subverting the judiciary -is the charge levied against him by so many opposition leaders but public understands that SC is trying to be sole super power in this sovereign state, even above the parliament of this country. Entire opposition supported NJAC Act on appointment of judges but the same opposition is unlikely to support this bill again because they have to diminish the authority of elected govt and SC can be partner in this endeavour.
Now the only choice for Modi baiters is that they do some thing to instigate Indian Muslims who have started seeing beyond Congress and appeasement parties. Pasmanda Muslims are realising that they have been exploited by Ashrafs and political parties for their vested interests. Muslims want to move ahead but Modi baiters are not able to accept that. Old wounds have to be freshened up. BBC documentary is an effort to do that only. BBC will lose its credibility in the bargain. They are not realising that it is different India now.
In the bargain, while no body mentions about the burning of 59 passengers of Sabarmati Express, people do remember that. While none from Modi baiters mention that, thus further losing credibility.
While social media battle is on, where is Modi? He is busy in delivering various projects …. Infrastructure projects are coming up all over India. Bande Bharat is being launched at so many places. Central Vista Project is being completed by end of this month. First River water Cruise is on. India is G 20 President and entire world is watching in awe the performance of Modi and his management of relations with two power blocks. India is unstoppable and so is Modi. Nothing adverse sticks to him because he cares for India and Indians.

Col Virendra Kumar

Col Virendra Kumar, a Military Veteran with 27 years of Army , alumni of Pantnagar, IIM Bangalore , Symbiosis Pune ,wears multiple hats . He has got national and international exposure during his Army tenures and corporate stint with leading US MNC He is passionate about Military history , Indian history , national and international affairs .