What Should We Expect in Pre-Election Year: Election 2024?

As on now, India is sitting on an international sweet spot. We are the member of QUAD as well as BRICS, holding the chairmanship of G20 as well.

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The answer is very simple to most of the Indians. All the political parties will be in election mode, there will be efforts to mobilise the voters in own favour, revadi culture will be on full display, efforts to divide the voters on caste, regional, and religion lines will be multiplied by all. I wish it could have been that simple.
Let us now read out the confirmation hearing of US Ambassador designate to India.

Now, what exactly he is saying that he will be interfering in internal issues of India. All those who are aware of international relations can read between the lines. He is literally taking the position against the law which has been passed by Indian parliament. Now, please read it in conjunction with what Rahul Gandhi has said in Cambridge University and in UK Parliament premises while addressing the select gathering of some members of parliament and citizens and students. He has just lambasted democracy and called it autocracy while he mentioned that in Indian parliament, mikes of opposition leaders do not work.
As on now, India is sitting on an international sweet spot. We are the member of QUAD as well as BRICS, holding the chairmanship of G20 as well. Foreign Ministers of G 20 just met in Delhi for a detailed conference. While G 7 are already out to spoil the chances of successful G 20 meeting, India and global south are on different frequency. Ukraine war is polarising the world and Western block is all out to do that, while India is taking the lead in keeping the global south out of it. G 20 is supposed to discuss economic issues primarily but nobody ever said that economic and military issues are not interrelated. Both overshadow each other and rightly so, ultimately every war becomes economic war and Ukraine war is not going to be any exception. Discussions on the side lines become more important than the main agenda.
What Western block wants? India must be totally aligned with it? While our interest aligns with them in Indo pacific region, identical situation does not exist in Ukraine war. For the first time, western block is going to take keen interest in Indian politics and Indian elections of 2024 for the simple reason that role of India and Indian leadership becomes very critical for their own survival against Russia and reshaping of new world order. This is the reason why all leaders of Western block nations are coming for state visits to Delhi and that list is getting longer and longer. While countries like Australia, Japan, Canada or New Zealand may be on different frequency overtly vis a vis India, UK and USA will be totally aligned, while EU will be on different frequency with France taking an independent line. Now one can understand the reason why Rahul Gandhi goes to UK or probably to USA for anti-Indian rhetoric.
You can see the paradoxical sides; this is carrot and stick with India and Indian elections are the right occasions to manipulate the events. Have no doubt about it that CIA and other agencies are very active and this is their job.
How these international dynamics will play out at govt level and at political level. Have no doubt that this govt is different and it will not hesitate to call a spade a spade. No body will be allowed to cross a red line. This establishment clearly realises the importance of India in global world now and is all out to exploit its sweet spot. BBC documentary was banned without a second thought to show its resolve and IT survey was carried out because of suspected transfer price misappropriation by BBC. Hindenburg report has done its damage but Indian equity market will bounce back as it has already started the process. If you are not able to see the clear alignment between these events, George Soros statement and conduct of Indian opposition, then one is required to have more focus to see the reality.
Along with the political tensions, caste and religious tensions will be created. Social media and electronic media will play a major role to do that. Latest controversy about north Indian labour in Tamil Nadu is just the tip of the iceberg. Some more events on the same lines will unfold which will not connect overtly but align at deeper level to create the impression that we need to change the govt at Delhi. A pliable govt at Delhi is what western block is looking for in Delhi. China and Russia do the same. As the govt moves to suppress these causes of social and political tensions in the nation, charges of suppression of human rights, religious freedom and freedom of expression will be in the air. SC either plays the ball with these disruptive forces or be blamed for being compromised. Efforts to blackmail it are already so evident on media. Same is true of other institutions like CBI, Police, Army …list is endless and it will include SEBI and RBI also.
Purpose is to create disaffection in Indian society, discredit Indian institutions and official leadership. People should start believing foreign institutions and their findings, believe foreign media and exaggerated fault lines in Indian society. This is nothing but subversion. They have already succeeded partially . Our own political class, especially the opposition will contribute in this sinister design, basically for own narrow gains and hide their incapabilities and incompetence. Most of the opposition leaders who are being haunted for corruption issues will be easy prey for subversion, others will not be far behind in their quest for power. Money power will be at full display to compromise individuals and institutions.
Will this succeed?
Till now it has not succeeded but it does not mean that it will not succeed now. We all need to understand this game to defeat this game. India is moving ahead in the right direction and if we fail this last chance, probably we will lose two decades. Government has rightly focused to develop our inclusive economic strength before anything else so that India can continue to have its strategic autonomy. Hindenburg report is an effort to sabotage that effort only. It’s time to believe in own civilisational strength. Have faith in own leaders and institutions. Here comes the role of institutional integrity and leaders. We need to keep a close watch on all those who have compromised their integrity and are already subverted. Internal sabotage has to be avoided and it does not restrict itself to violent means only. What Rahul Gandhi has done in London should be an eye opener for all right-thinking Indians. Those who aligned with him in this effort, should be noticed for future lessons. They realise that they do not have any thing to lose in the bargain but they can harm India and Indian interest. It’s time to be wise and proactive. National interest should be paramount for all actions.

Col. Virendra Kumar

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