"Seeks humanitarian aid and insults Hindu Goddess?": Indians fume over Ukraine's offensive tweet about Maa Kali

NewsBharati    30-Apr-2023 20:32:39 PM
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In what can be called offensive, a tweet from Ukraine's Ministry of Defence went viral on social media, but for all the wrong reasons. The tweet shared on April 30 by the Defense of Ukraine's official account depicting the Hindu goddess Maa Kali morphing over a blast fume has outraged Indians.

Ukraine Maa Kali 
Ukraine has shared it as a meme which has now been deleted. In the image, one can see a huge cloud formed due to an explosion morphed into a woman with blue skin, with her tongue hanging out and a garland of skulls around her neck – all of which resemble the Hindu Goddess - Maa Kaali.
The woman in the photo is seen standing in an awkward pose, which was referred to as a "work of art" by the Ukrainian Defence Ministry.
The Indian users are now angry with Ukraine for mocking the Hindu Goddess
Senior advisor to the Union Ministry of Broadcast and Information Kanchan Gupta slammed the photo, saying that it was an "assault" on Hindu sentiments worldwide. "Recently Ukraine Deputy Foreign Minister was in Delhi soliciting support from India. Behind that fakery lurks the real face of the Ukraine government. Indian goddess Ma Kali has been caricatured on a propaganda poster. This is an assault on Hindu sentiments around the world," he said on Twitter.
Several other Twitter users also hit out at the picture, calling it "Hinduphobic" and "outrageous".
Netizens also urged External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar to take up the matter with his Ukrainian counterpart.
According to Reuters, quoting RBC Ukraine, a Ukrainian military intelligence official stated that more than ten tanks of oil products with a capacity of roughly 40,000 metric tonnes meant for use by Russia's Black Sea Fleet were destroyed.