"Unacceptable": Twitter after Starbucks shares ads on promoting "sex change" in India, opposes gender-affirming operations

NewsBharati    11-May-2023 12:58:09 PM
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Amid the same-sex marriage controversy, Starbucks decided to release an advertisement which is seen promoting "sex change" in India.

Starbucks Sex change
Launching a new campaign with "#ItStartsWithYourName", it released an advertisement which according to them aims "to further the company’s positioning as being people first and creating cherished interpersonal interactions and brings alive how each experience is inclusive and feels like a homecoming".
In the video, one can see an elderly couple at a TATA Starbucks store, waiting for their son Arpit to arrive. However, his father seemingly upset and the mother urging the father to remain composed and not to get angry.
Soon after this, a nervous young girl approaches the couple and sits next to them. It is only then revealed that the couple is meeting their transgender daughter for the first time. Cutting through the awkward tension between them, the father goes on to place the order for coffee. As the situation becomes awkward, the family hears the familiar voice of the Starbucks barista calling out ‘Three cold coffees for Arpita.’ She is pleasantly surprised on realising her father’s acceptance and they all tear up as the family reunites.
However, this did not go down well with netizens who feel that such ad promoting "sex change" in India is harmful and gender affirming operations are unacceptable.
Releasing such advertisement amid the same-sex marriage is being debated in the Supreme Court of India seems a strategic plan which can cause quite a stir among netizens!