NB Twitter Scan | Bhukund Bhairav Mandir, the protector of Kedarnath Mandir

Bhukund Bhairav Mandir is one of the most popular temples in Kedarnath after Kedarnath Mandir.

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Uttarakhand is a very sacred place where many gods and goddesses used to live in which is why known as ‘DEVBHOOMI’ (The land of Gods) that speaks volumes of Hindu culture. With so many significant temples, thousands of devotees visit this place throughout the year to worship the Bhagwan. Each temple in Uttarakhand possesses various shrines and history as well which symbolizes the importance of that place.
Similarly, one of the important temples among them is Bhukund Bhairav Mandir. Let us now see some interesting facts and information about Bhukund Bhairav Mandir.

Bhukund Bhairav Mandir 
Bhairavnath Mandir or Bhairav Baba Mandir also known as Bhukund Bhairav ​​Mandir is situated south of the Kedarnath temple on the eastern hill of the lofty Himalayas of Uttarakhand. Bhukund Bhairav Mandir is around 1.5 kms trek from famous Shri Kedarnath Jyotirlinga. The trek of Bhairav Nath Mandir starts from the right side door of Baba Kedarnath Temple. Bhukund Bhairav Mandir is one of the most popular temples in Kedarnath after Kedarnath temple.
Bhukund Bhairav Mandir is an extremely old shrine dedicated to Baba Bhairavnath who is the Kshetrapal (guardian) of Kedarnath temple. There is a Pandit who lives and meditates at the Bhairavnath temple shrine for six months. Bhagwan Bhairava ​​is worshiped at this place and there is no roof over Bhagwan Bhairava. The weapon of the Bhagwan Bhairava is Trishula (Trident) and his vahan (Vehicle) is a dog. The deity of the temple is also known as Kshetrapal or the guardian of the region.
According to legend, when Kedarnath Mandir closes during winter months due to heavy snow fall, the deity in Bhairavnath temple protects the main temple area as well as the whole Kedarnath valley. The place offers the magnificent views of Kedarnath Temple and entire Kedarnath Valley. The specialty of Bhukund Bhairav ​​Temple is that before the opening of the doors of Shri Kedarnath temple, Bhukund Bhairav ​​is worshipped, only after that Baba Kedarnath is worshipped. According to the legend, Bhukund is considered the first Rawal of Baba Kedarnath.
It is believed that if a devotee visits Kedarnath, then the darshan will be incomplete if he or she did not visit Bhukund Baba the temple is dedicated to Bhairav which is the fierce manifestation of Bhagwan Shiva associated with destruction and devastation.
It is should be noted that the Bhukund Bhairav Mandir remains closed for most part of the winter season. It is only open for a few months i.e. from May to November.