SENGOL and Indian Muslims

However, it is also a fact that it was predominantly Hindu or Sanatan ceremony which took place in new Parliament when SENGOL was established.

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Every body is talking about New Parliament Building, bit about setting up of SENGOL but no body is talking about how Indian Muslims are feeling about the entire situation? Why? Reason is very simple. No body wants to talk about the perceived uncomfortable questions. On social media, some so called Muslim intellectuals ask the question that India is a secular country so why all these Hindu rituals have been followed in new Parliament. The blunt answer is that partition of country was done on the basis of religion hence it is very much justified. Though, the answer generally given is that all religious prayers were part of the proceedings which is a fact. However, it is also a fact that it was predominantly Hindu or Sanatan ceremony which took place in new Parliament when SENGOL was established.
SENGOL was given to Jawahar Lal Nehru on 14 August 1947 by the Adheerans of the same Math which helped in establishing the SENGOL in parliament yesterday. Had Nehru established the SENGOL in the parliament in 1947, the same would have been transferred from old Parliament building to new Parliament building. Why Nehru did not do it? Nehru, the author of “Discovery of India” could have asked for a Mughal ceremony also for handing over of power form Britishers to Indians but partition of India along religious lines forbade him to do so. He took it as a personal transfer of power between Mountbatten and him and relegated the SENGOL to his family museum in Prayag Raj. Why did he do it? Simply because he wanted to develop India in his way and not in Indian way. Now, please recall the statement of Manmohan Singh who said that Muslims have the first right on the resources of this county. Let me assure you, this was not his personal feeling. He was a man of few selected words but each word reflected careful thought process of Congress party.
I am sure Nehru himself was of the same opinion and that is the reason he relegated it to family museum without any significant trace in official files. Had The SENGOL been established in Parliament building and reminded the rulers of their duties and responsibilities, history of Hindu Muslim relationship in the country would have been different.
Nehru, for all his wisdom was never had any connection with Indian civilization of 5000 years and wanted to develop India as per his so-called Utopian model far away from reality of India. He was certainly an intellectual of highest order but we needed a realist and not an intellectual. His philosophy when converted on ground resulted into relegation of Hindus in second class citizen in their own homeland while appeasement of Muslims took place which resulted uncontrolled and unregulated radicalisation of significant population of Muslims all over India. What we see in West Bengal and Kerala is reflective of that. Kashmiri Hindus were subjected to genocide, had to move out of valley, in the presence of Indian security forces. It was extension of Nehru influence on our psyche.
Establishment of SENGOL leap frogs us from Chola era to modern era where Modi has erupted out in 2014 and after nine years, is able to transition India from Nehru era to this modern era. Even if it is symbolic, how can it be missed. Symbols have big values on the psyche of population. Now, you can imagine why Nehru relegated it to Museum.


Two factors are primarily responsible for that, Modi is unapologetically Hindu while Nehru was apologetic being a Hindu.
There is no doubt that placing of SENGOL in the parliament has a huge significance. In ancient Tamil eras, so many kings used it and it signified kingship, righteousness, justice and authority and empowered King as a divine agent. It was a legitimizing instrument. Overall, it is a symbol of Dharmic kingship. It is because of this reason, Modi paid respects to SENGOL in parliament.


This is the moment which should give comfort to Indian Muslims. Here is the Indian PM who is saluting the symbol of Dharmic Kingship. It shows that India stands for justice and equality for all. Rather than focusing on the Hindu aspect of ceremonies in parliament and getting into the wrong propaganda of Indian opposition parties, this is the moment for Indian Muslims that they can not be subjected to any harassment, injustice, inequality against the rule of law. Indian constitution which has the images of Ram on its manuscript copy, is the extension of this SENGOL only. This is nothing but Ram Rajya. The concept of Ram Rajya may be alien to them but fact remains it gives them the opportunity to them to be citizens of India at par with anybody. Hindu Rastra is just an extension of SENGOL and no body should have any issue with that. More than that, Muslims can aspire for their rights more emphatically now.
However, this puts lot of responsibility on them? Any Indian citizen has to be at par in terms of rights and responsibilities. Social conduct has to at par. SENGOL symbolises justice on one side and authority on another side. That bestows lot of responsibility on state to enforce rule of law. Let’s be very clear that state will not accept any unlawful breach of law which is so rampant in our country. No body will be allowed to take the state for granted. Yesterday police action at Jantar Mantar against the wrestlers is just a glimpse of things to come in my perception.
India has moved away from Nehru era to new era and we all must accept it. While opposition parties will make all out efforts to misguide Indian Muslims and international players will also try to play the role, let us be very clear that western countries including UK and USA follow predominantly Christian traditions while preaching others that Hindu Dharma is not secular. This narrative is totally false. In fact, in British Parliament has seats reserved for Bishops. While in India we have two seats reserved for Anglo Indians. There can not be a bigger joke than this.
How far our opposition parties can go in damaging our institutions and civilisation? Have a look on the comments of RJD ….
The comments of Gen Kakkar show that India has understood RJD opposition to modern India. RJD comments also show that the party is not ready to go to Taboot so they will not make any entry in new Parliament building. I mean all offense to RJD. Congress and other opposition parties are on the same wavelength. Reasons to boycott the ceremony are too obvious.
It’s the time for Indian Muslims to move away from Nehru era to modern era. Time has come for them to embrace modern India. Modern India is not Hindu version of Pakistan, it is Sanatan version of India where every one has equal opportunity with rights and responsibilities without any appeasement. SENGOL ensures adherence to constitution by all, including the ruling class.

Col Virendra Kumar

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