As Pune sets to host G20, SPPU puts students' global knowledge to test with 'G20 Quiz Competition'

With an enticing prize pool, the G20 Quiz Competition offers participants a chance to be handsomely rewarded for their knowledge and dedication.

NewsBharati    13-Jun-2023 19:03:48 PM
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Calling all knowledge enthusiasts! Get ready students to embark on a thrilling journey into the world of international affairs as Pune University presents its G20 Quiz Competition.
As Pune city is gearing up to host the most important meeting of G20's Education Working Group, Pune University has organised a 'G20 Quiz Competition' in a bid to promote global awareness and foster a deep understanding of international governance among the students.

With an enticing prize pool, the G20 Quiz Competition offers participants a chance to be handsomely rewarded for their knowledge and dedication. As per the SPPU, this quiz will not only test students' knowledge but also help them learn more about the G20 and its significance in shaping global economic policies. The competition promises to be a thrilling intellectual challenge for the young minds.
What makes this quiz competition even more exciting is the unique syllabus requirement. In an era dominated by social media, the competition's syllabus requires students to follow the G20 education's pune social media pages. This dynamic approach ensures that participants stay up-to-date with the latest news, initiatives, and discussions surrounding the G20 and its member countries. This unique requirement adds an interactive dimension to the competition, encouraging participants to engage actively with global issues and trends.
By encouraging students to explore the G20's social media pages, the competition taps into their digital literacy and showcases the interconnected nature of our world.
The G20 Quiz Competition, scheduled to take place from today, will be held in online format. Students need to first register themself. Tap Here
The quiz will comprise 30 question, each designed to challenge participants' understanding of the G20's history, member countries, key agendas, and impact on global affairs. By navigating through a wide array of thought-provoking questions, students will develop a deeper appreciation for the complexities of global governance.
Now, let's talk about the prize pool that awaits the victorious participants. The top scorer will walk away with the grand prize of ten thousand rupees, while the second and third-place winners will be awarded seven thousand and five thousand rupees, respectively. Additionally, there will be certificates of participation for all contestants, recognizing their enthusiasm and commitment to expanding their knowledge of global affairs.
With enticing prizes, a dynamic syllabus, and a focus on social media integration, Pune University's G20 Quiz Competition promises to be an event like no other. It is an opportunity for students to ignite their passion for global governance, connect with their peers, and pave the way for a future generation of informed and engaged global leaders.
So, grab your devices, follow the G20's social media pages, and get ready to put your global knowledge to the test. We hope this quiz has inspired you to explore further and develop a keen interest in global governance. Remember, your knowledge about the G20 will empower you to become informed global citizens capable of making a positive impact on the world.
We wish all the participants the best of luck in their quest to become the G20 Quiz Champions and expand their understanding of global governance.

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