News Bharati's EXCLUSIVE interview with Rashmi Samant on her book 'A Hindu in Oxford'

Rashmi Samant has authored her new book titled "A Hindu in Oxford", narrating her side of the story.

NewsBharati    09-Sep-2023 17:19:49 PM
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Pune, Sept 9: News Bharati is glad to announce having hosted Rashmi Samant for an Exclusive interview, as she was in Pune for the book launch of 'A Hindu in Oxford', that she has authored. The interview will be broadcasted today, at 7.00 pm on News Bharati's YouTube Channel.

NB Interview 

Who is Rashmi Samant?

Rashmi Samant is the first Indian woman, rather the first 'Hindu' woman who became Oxford University Student Union's President. However, merely within a week of her selection as the Student's President, an election that was based on a democratic procedure, Rashmi was compelled to resign from her position, owing to the fact that she is a 'HINDU' & that she is 'PROUD' about it.
On the same lines, Rashmi Samant has authored her new book titled 'A Hindu in Oxford', narrating her side of the story. Rashmi Samant comes from a humble background, from South Indian state Karnataka's Udupi. Her name became headlines after she was compelled to resign from her position at Oxford for being a 'Hindu'.

Why would you look forward for the interview?

While Rashmi Samant narrates her story of how life was before and after the 'Oxford' incident and talks about her book 'A Hindu in Oxford', she has shared her views about several issues and responded to several burning debates. She has explained how her 'Hindu' identity was brought to forefront to vilify her social standing. Having experienced both 'India' and 'Bharat' as she has lived in UK, Rashmi has fairly shared her views on the 'India vs Bharat' debate, drawing her personal experiences.
Besides, the interview will also be available on Spotify soon, in the form of Podcast