"Sachin Tendulkar is Iyengar & tried his level best to make India lose": Dravidian ideologue Kantharaj's anti-Brahmin remarks

NewsBharati    20-Mar-2024 12:36:08 PM
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Dravidian ideologue Dr Kantharaj, who is known for repeatedly passing anti-Brahmin remarks, has once again targeted the Brahmins by saying that veteran cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is an Iyengar so he made India lose in the 1983 World Cup.
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This came after a clip of his interview with Take 1 YouTube channel is doing rounds on social media which has erupted a controversy with netizens calling his remarks absurd.

In the video clipping, Kantharaj inappropriately talks about India’s 1983 World Cup win in which he deliberately makes the Brahmin connection with Sachin Tendulkar.

"We won the World Cup for the first time. The match took place in England. Kapil Dev was the captain. Kapil Dev played really well and took us to the finals. Tendulkar gave him so much trouble. Kapil Dev won the matches as a single man. Everyone tried to bring him down, we can see it clearly. Tendulkar tried his level best to make India lose. He is an Iyengar, Kapil Dev, a non-brahmin. He (Kapil) single-handedly scored runs and bowled superbly too. You must see his bowling, he gave his life for it. He said he would not stop without winning".

Notably, Sachin Tendulkar was only 10 years old when the 1983 World Cup took place. Tendulkar has time and again said that this match was turning point in his life and motivated him to become a cricket player. He has also said, "Some moments in life inspire you & make you dream. On this day in 1983, we won the World Cup for the first time. I knew right then, that’s what I wanted to do too!" he shared on social media.

Moreover, Sachin is a Maharashtrian and not a Tamilian or an Iyengar. He belongs to the Saraswat Brahmin community.

However, Kantharaj blatantly spread misinformation through this interview that only Brahmins were acknowledged and given opportunities in international cricket. He concludes by saying across the country, across all cricketing boards, caste is an important factor and BCCI is no better than TNCA.

NewsBharati could not find the whole interview on the Take 1 YouTube channel as it seems to be deleted.