Wokes are okay with Halal but for Zomato's ‘Pure Veg' announcement bring forth 'Casteist' angle

Food delivery aggregator Zomato has often faced criticism from ‘pure veg’ users who have sometimes found non-veg items on their food orders. "

NewsBharati    20-Mar-2024 13:16:53 PM
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Bringing the casteist angle and deliberately targeting the Brahmins is an old habit of the ‘left-leaning liberalism’ and ‘woke’ persons. This time as well, ‘leftists’ and ‘woke’ attacked Zomato after it launched a new service, ‘Pure Veg Mode’, to serve its pure veg customers, saying the move was "the best example of customer satisfaction" Others debated that it was "casteist and criminal".
Spreading the hatred, some even said that the move would lead to attacks on regular Zomato riders in 'pure veg' housing societies.
What is the issue?
Food delivery aggregator Zomato has often faced criticism from ‘pure veg’ users who have sometimes found non-veg items on their food orders. On March 19, CEO Deepinder Goyal announced that Zomato has brought a new service ‘Pure Veg Mode’ to serve its pure veg customers.
“India has the largest percentage of vegetarians in the world and one of the most important feedback we’ve gotten from them is that they are very particular about how their food is cooked, and how their food is handled. To solve their dietary preferences, we are today, launching a Pure Veg Mode along with a Pure Veg Fleet on Zomato, for customers who have a 100% vegetarian dietary preference”, Deepinder Goyal announced today.
Goyal further explained that Pure Veg Mode will consist of a curation of restaurants that serve only pure vegetarian food and will exclude all restaurants that serve any non-veg food item.
Action ka reaction
A journalist, Fatima Khan (@khanthefatima), said that Zomato's Pure Veg can lead to discrimination. "There have been multiple instances of people rejecting food deliveries because the delivery agent was a Muslim. The argument used by them was also “we didn’t want our food purity to be tarnished". I won’t be surprised if ‘pure veg’ Zomato initiative leads to more discrimination," she wrote on X (formerly Twitter).
Terming the move as casteist, Dalit writer and activist Shalin Maria Lawrence (@TheBluePen25) said, "Deleting the App. I will never use Zomato again. This is Casteist and criminal. Hope someone files a case on them." 
Another user (@peeleraja) said, "Waiting for "pure veg" housing societies to attack normal red t-shirt Zomato riders."
Following the deliberate targeting, the company’s decision to assign a separate green uniform for riders delivering vegetarian food has been scrapped.
Goyal said, pointing out that some housing societies may associate the Zomato delivery partners in red uniforms with non-vegetarian food and bar their entries during certain festive periods.
Goyal, however, clarified that the company would maintain a separate veg fleet – without a separate uniform – as announced a day earlier.
"While we are going to continue to have a fleet for vegetarians, we have decided to remove the on-ground segregation of this fleet on the ground using the colour green. All our riders – both our regular fleet and our fleet for vegetarians – will wear the colour red," he posted on social media.
"This will ensure that our red uniform delivery partners are not incorrectly associated with non-veg food, and blocked by any RWAs or societies during any special days... our rider's physical safety is of paramount importance to us," he added.