Malayalam Films Sets Example of "Content is King" for Indian Cinema in 2024

With Malayalam Films- Premalu, Bramayugam and Manjummel Boys - successfully running in the theatres, it is safe to say that it is the year of Malayalam Film Industry .

NewsBharati    21-Mar-2024 13:27:29 PM
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In one of the interviews of filmmakers roundtable, director SS Rajamouli cited the example of Kantara and shared that to earn big money from movies, one doesn’t need to mount their films on a big scale. This gave out a message once again to the Indian film industry that no matter how much budget you put in for the movies, the content will be king.
Premalu, Bramayugam and Manjummel Boys

Similarly, Malayalam cinema has always been popularly known for delivering unique content to the audience. Even in recent years, Malayalam movies had started gaining prominence among the Non-Malayali movie audience. All at once, non-Malayali cinema writers, critics were gushing over Malayalam movie’s content, storytelling, scripts, and acting. However, one of the drawbacks was the audience not going to theatres to watch these Malayalam movies which will be discussed later in the article.

However, 2024 is turning out to be the year of Malayalam cinema with the audience rushing to the theatres to catch Premalu, Bramayugam and Manjummel Boys. Premalu’s gross collection at the box office crossed more than Rs 115 crore and still going strong at the box office while Manjummel Boys crossed now Rs 200 crore and Bramayugam have grossed more than Rs 85 crore at the box office since their release.

While Bramayugam features Malayalam superstar Mammootty, the other two have a much lesser-known cast. However, what makes these movies shine is a very strong – and novel - storyline and some splendid performances.

Content is King once again

With several filmmakers making huge marketing strategies including hectic promotional activities and spending more than half of the budget on it rather than on the filmmaking, these three movies focussed on the content. For instance, the budget for Manjummel Boys was Rs 20 crore, Bramayugam was Rs 27 crore and Premalu was made on Rs 3 crore. However, this movie made a huge noise at the box office.

Though there have been Malayalam films in the past that have gained attraction of global audiences via OTT, it had failed to ring the audience in the theatres. But, these 3 Malayalam movies did it! It had also "connect with audience" factor which is main tool in making the films work. While Manjummel Boys is real life story based on a group of friends who get into a daring rescue mission to save their friend from Guna Caves, a perilously deep pit from where nobody has ever been brought back, Premalu was a rom-com that struck all the right chords and Bramayugam contained elements of sacred mystery, mythical and folklore of Kerala.

These Malayalam movies have set an example for the upcoming underrated movies that can survive or more than survive they can excel if the content and connection manage to strike a chord with the audience no matter who are in the cast or how much budget are spending!