Cancel Caritas India's FCRA registration! Legal Rights Group writes to Shah

Caritas India’s ‘Global Program India’ aims to include marginalized communities in decision-making processes, purportedly to enhance social cohesion.

NewsBharati    22-Mar-2024 13:23:04 PM
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In a major development, the Legal Rights Protection Forum, a legal activist group has wrote a a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs seeking immediate cancellation of FCRA registration of Caritas India saying the NGO is potential threats to national, social, and economic security within India.
Caritas India
It is alleged that Caritas India registered as a society under registration number 3304, stands accused of exploiting its FCRA status to raise funds from abroad under the guise of welfare activities. The NGO’s focus on certain social groups, particularly Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes, has raised suspicions of attempts to divide society along religious lines.
Caritas India’s poverty alleviation efforts are seen as disguised attempts at religious conversion, offering incentives like housing and education. Allegations suggest this leads to social discord and the abandonment of ancestral faiths by Scheduled Tribes. Similarly, their role in combating cross-border human trafficking is questioned.
Their ‘All India Network to End Human Trafficking’ is accused of usurping law enforcement functions, with doubts raised about their efficacy compared to established government mechanisms. These accusations raise concerns about NGO interference in sensitive issues and highlight the need for transparency and accountability in their operations. The NGO’s global alliance partners, notably Caritas Australia, have been accused of supporting these activities, with a specific focus on mineral-rich states such as Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand.
It is also argued that such activities align with the economic interests of mining conglomerates, potentially hindering India’s economic development by obstructing the proper utilization of mineral resources. Moreover, Caritas India’s involvement in issues such as human trafficking and social development programs has been called into question, with accusations of overstepping its role and interfering with government functions.
Caritas India’s ‘Global Program India’ aims to include marginalized communities in decision-making processes, purportedly to enhance social cohesion. However, it’s accused of attempting to influence government schemes and decisions, potentially violating FCRA regulations. It is argued that India’s constitution mandates marginalized community inclusion through reservations and specific financial allocations, rendering Caritas India’s interventions unnecessary and disruptive.
There are concerns about the NGO’s access to government officials, with suspicions of an agenda to promote religious conversion and obstruct developmental projects. This underscores the need for scrutiny of Caritas India’s activities and their impact on governance and societal harmony.
Legal Rights Protection Forum emphasizes the need for a thorough investigation into Caritas India’s activities, particularly in Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, and has called for the suspension of its FCRA registration pending the completion of the inquiry.