Two girls perform obscene act inside Delhi metro causing inconvenience; netizens irked "Is this Holi special or seduction special?

A video has gone viral in which two girls indulged in an obscene act performing the song "Ang Laga De" inside Delhi metro

NewsBharati    23-Mar-2024 16:07:01 PM
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A video circulating on social media has sparked outrage in which two girls are celebrating Holi while performing on "Ang Laga De" inside the Delhi metro. What irked the netizens that they engaged in obscene acts with netizens slamming the girls over their shameless acts, demanding strict action against them?
holi girls delhi metro

In the viral video, the girls are dressed in traditional Indian attire, applying coloured powder to each other's faces further making intimate gestures, including rubbing their faces together and lying close.

The incident, observed by fellow passengers, has drawn sharp criticism from online users, who condemn the girls' actions as inappropriate. Additionally, there are calls for the Delhi Metro Corporation to take strict action against such behaviour.

A social media user posted the video on his X account and captioned it, "We need a law against this asap."