Disgusting! Self-styled "Yoga teacher" Suhail Ansari slammed for teaching Yoga inappropriately to women

NewsBharati    27-Mar-2024 10:29:20 AM
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Yoga, which originated in India, has been a sacred practice that connects us to our inner selves, bringing harmony and balance to our lives. It is like a gentle breeze, pure and serene, soothing the mind and nourishing the soul. It has been taught across the globe by several certified Yoga teachers in schools or private classes. However, a Yoga teacher named Suhail Ansari is being massively criticized for teaching Yoga inappropriately to students, especially women.
Yoga teacher suhail ansari

According to this Instagram bio, he is a Delhi-based Yog Guru, International Yoga Champion and International Yoga Teacher having 142K followers.

However, this controversy came to light after several videos of the Yoga teacher were circulated on social media giant X sparking controversy with netizens discussing whether this Yoga or not. A user said, "Self styled "Yoga Guru" Suhail Ansari has posted hundreds of such obscene videos by him on SM."

Another user said, "This is NOT Yoga!!! What Suhail Ansari is doing is disgusting. But what's worse is women are actually allowing him to do it! I can bet all these women are the woke Hindu types who believe Abdul aisa nai hai....!!!"

Similar views were expressed other netizens calling out his advanced Yoga.

One user even said, "His methods have drawn criticism for deviating from traditional practices and potentially undermining the discipline's integrity."

"This man Suhail Ansari is doing nothing but sexualisation of #yoga", another netizen opined.

Netizens also included yoga teachers saying that, "As a yoga practitioner, I can say for sure this guy, Suhail Ansari, is sexually molesting these women. Let’s say his motives behind doing this is pure n he is in fact helping his students to get into a better pose. U cannot force someone into a pose. He is risking injury with this".