Bhopal couple assault grandmother with wooden log, attempts to insert in her private parts; Video goes viral

NewsBharati    28-Mar-2024 10:27:48 AM
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Bhopal, Mar 28: In a very shocking development, a video of an elderly woman being thrashed by her grandson and his wife in Bhopal went viral on social media. The wife assaulted the grandmother with a wooden log and tried to put in her private parts. After the video went viral, the Madhya Pradesh police took cognizance of it and arrested them.

Bhopal couple assault grandmother with wooden log

What happened?

In the distressing video, the accused man was seen tightly holding the old woman, while one of his hands is on her mouth to muffle her scream. At the same time, his wife tried to beat and insert a wooden log in her private parts. distressing. The video was recorded by their neighbours.

The accused have been identified as Deepak Sen and his wife, Pooja Sen. Deepak Sen runs a salon in the Barkhedi area of Bhopal. Following the circulation of the video, the couple attempted to flee Bhopal, heading towards Jhansi, but were intercepted and arrested by the police en route.

Reports suggest that the elderly woman had several ailments, and often used to ask for food on time, owing to which Sen and his wife used to thrash her.

The accused were brought to Bhopal and further investigation in the case is underway.