‘We should have taken Kartarpur Sahib from Pakistan in exchange for 90,000 of their soldiers after 1971 war’: PM Modi in Punjab

NewsBharati    24-May-2024 10:33:43 AM
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Patiala, May 24: Coming down heavily at Congress, PM Narendra Modi said that if had he been the PM of the country at the time of the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, he would have reclaimed Kartarpur Sahib from Pakistan in return for the release of Pakistani soldiers.

PM Modi In Punjab Kartarpur Sahib
“"At the time of the Bangladesh War, we had 90,000 soldiers of Pakistan. The 'Hukum ka Ikka' was in our hands. If Modi had been there at that time, I would have taken Kartarpur Sahib from them and then released their soldiers. Still, I got Kartarpur Sahib Corridor built," he said. 

PM Modi also mentioned that he brought the Citizenship Amendment Act to give citizenship to oppressed people, not for votes.

“For the INDIA alliance, the biggest goal is to appease their vote bank. Modi is giving Indian citizenship under CAA law to Dalit and Sikh brothers and sisters suffering from partition. These people (INDI alliance) oppose CAA, organized riots in the name of CAA and even today they say that if their government comes, they will cancel CAA. You tell me, is it wrong to give Indian citizenship to the Sikhs who were victims of partition?" he asked. 

PM Modi said that 'Panja' and 'Jhaadu' are two parties but from the same shop.

Addressing a public meeting here today, PM Modi said that those who betrayed their gurus cannot develop Punjab.

"In Punjab, Delhi's 'Kattar' corrupt party and another party which is guilty of Sikh riots are pretending to contest against each other. But the truth is, that 'Panja' and 'Jhaadu' are two parties but they are from the same shop. 'Kuch bhi bayaan dein, lekin Delhi mein ek doosre ko kandhe pe utha kar naach rahe hain' ('They may make any statement, but in Delhi they are dancing carrying each other on their shoulders'). I request to the people of Punjab, to stay alert from them. Those who can betray their Guru Anna Hazare, can lie 10 times in a day. Neither can such people develop Punjab, nor they can leave anything for the future of your children," PM Modi said.

"Ram Temple was built in Ayodhya but they (INDI alliance) hate everything which respects our faith. INDI alliance people are extremely communal, casteist and family-based. They can betray anyone for power. This same Congress divided the country for power, due to which we were not able to visit Kartarpur Sahib for 70 years," PM Modi added.

He further highlighted that Punjab knows that it should not waste its vote and vote for the one who will form the government, vote for the one who is committed to making a developed Punjab, who is committed to making developed India.

“Our government exempted langar from tax. Earlier, devotees from foreign countries were not able to give donations in Shri Harmandir Sahib. We relaxed the rules for this. Sri Fatehgarh Sahib has been a witness to the bravery and martyrdom of Sahibzada. This is the Modi government, which declared Veer Bal Diwas dedicated to the bravery of Sahibzadas. Our Sikh families were in trouble in Afghanistan. We brought everyone back safely. We also brought the forms of Guru Granth Sahib with respect," PM Modi asserted.