Dr. Rakesh Sinha

Dr. Rakesh Sinha is Honorary Director of India Policy Foundation (IPF). He has authored Biography of RSS founder Dr K B Hedgewar. He has also authored books - "Political Journalism" and "Golwalkar(Shri Guruji) and Indian Muslims", Terrorism and Indian Media. He is credited to break the ice on the Sachar Committee report. His research based intervention brought many facts on the committee’s functioning and report. Moreover, his monograph Deceptive Equality( deconstructing Equal Opportunity Commission) was a major policy intervention which stopped the government to bring a bill to form EOC. His latest edited book “Secular India: Politics of Minorityism”(Vitasta Publication) unveils distorted social philosophy of the Indian state. Proudly stands for Cultural nationalism and egalitarian social order राम और रोटी.