Mumbai Police arrests 5 for black marketing of Remdesivir, 26 vials seized

NewsBharati    27-Apr-2021
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Mumbai, April 27: With a surge in coronavirus cases, Remdesivir injections are currently in high demand in the country even though experts have underlined its limited scope in treating COVID-19 patients. As India faces a COVID emergency, there are some people in the country who are seeking to make a profit out of the misery of the common people.

Remdesivir black marketin 
In an update to the remdesivir shortage, the Mumbai Police Crime Branch on Tuesday raided hotel's kitchen in Motilal Nagar, Goregaon, from where black marketing of Remdesivir was being done and arrested five people. The authorities have seized 26 vials of Remdesivir. It is noted that the accused used to sell the medicine at Rs 20,000-25,000 per piece.
Remdesivir, a drug that is said to be effective in the treatment of coronavirus, remains out of reach of the people who need it as some black marketeers in the country are hoarding its stocks. This has led to a shortage of the drug.

Remdesivir black marketin
India reached a total of 1,76,36,307 Covid-19 cases with over 3.23 lakh testing positive in the last 24 hours. The active cases stand at 28,82,204, while the total recoveries reached 1,45,56,209. With 2,711 deaths registered in a single day, the total death toll reached 1,97,894. Meanwhile, as India battles the second wave of coronavirus, leaders across the world have shown solidarity and promised assistance to overcome the virus surge.
CEOs of some 40 top American companies have come together to create a global task force to mobilise resources to help India fight the battle against COVID-19. The Biden Administration has said it is working non-stop to do all it can to deliver on an urgent basis the supplies most needed by India. A number of European Union (EU) member states also offered their assistance to India to help tackle the unexpected pandemic resurgence, the European Commission said.