Kanubari Baptist Church Case- This is how the govt of Arunachal Pradesh transfered ADC Sh N Borang for his conversion agenda!

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In what can be termed as a strict disciplinary action, the government of Arunchal Pradesh on June 22 ordered the transfer of ADC Sh. N Borang and demoted him as Extra Assistant Commissioner of Anini for hi splan to destroy the government property and encroach Government land to further the agenda of religious and sectarian conversion among the tribal population. Sh N Borang, now transferred and demoted, has a history of working as an Agent to the Baptish church and misusing the powers of his office for sectarian and religious favouritism.
Kanubari Town Baptist Church under the leadership of its former and present Pastors, Sh Mankai Wangsu and Sh Banlai Lukham respectively, along with the then Additional Deputy commissioner of Kanubari, Sh.N.Borang had hatched this plan to destroy government property and encroach Government land to further their agenda of religious and sectarian conversion among the tribal population.

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With pictures as proof and testimony to the planned destruction and illegal occupation of government property by the Baptish Church in Longding, Arunachal Pradesh, here is the history of events in the case-
26th March 2021: The Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) discovered the matter from sources and initial plan of action was discussed with our Lawyer, Sushil Pandya
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2nd April 2021: Further investigation revealed that the building was demolished on the false pretext of being an uninhabitable and weak building. Whereas the building was comparatively new and as apparent from the pictures, only one portion of the government quarters was demolished, while the adjacent portion of the quarter remained intact. Therefore, it was clear that the ADC resorted to falsehood and connived with Church officials to Encroach upon Government property.
4th April 2021: First Legal Notice was sent by our Advocate, Sushil Pandya, to the pastor of Kunbari town Baptish Church to evacuate the encroachment with 15 working days and dismantle the illegal wall built to encompassing Government Land.

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6th April 2021: Another legal Notice was filed by Supreme Court Advocate, Pankaj Kumar on behalf of LRO to Sh Bani Lego, Deputy Commissioner of Longding, Arunachal Pradesh accusing him of criminal conspiracy and criminal breach of trust.
7th April 2021: Filed a grievance via https://pgportal.gov.in/ with all the available photographic evidence’s. The same was forwarded to the Chief Grievance officer of the Arunachal Pradesh Government.
12th April 2021: Sh Bani Lego, DC of Longding, replied to our legal notice and claimed that the government quarters were dismantled unilaterally by ADC, N Borang and a subsequent show-cause notice issued by the DC.

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14th April 2021: Another Rejoinder to the earlier legal Notice was sent, this time with all the pictorial evidence and other supporting documents.
"The quarter is the half portion of the dismantled one. Earlier, it was an attached building. The wall does not include the area where the dismantled building was standing. It distinctly shows that the wall is enclosing the church compound and not the Govt land. There are clear marks that the quarter was dismantled only on one side. The information provided by the DC appears to be false and records from the department of revenue regarding the project and project details should be called to ascertain the factual situation before and after the demolition. If it is found that the DC is making any false statements with regard to the factual situation at ground, we may have to take up the matter with the Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT).

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Please be informed that all these statements may lead to criminal prosecution if found false. Case of malice, in fact, breach of trust, illegal trespass, conspiracy. In fact, we apprehend that authorities are working in connivance with the Church in the land-grabbing exercise, and therefore, request you to take this matter very seriously and get to the bottom of the whole issue. There are reports of threats and intimidation being given to locals, as per the information received from locals in the area by my Clients. For your perusal, we are also attaching some photographs which makes the situation more clear. Hope, this time you will take more concrete steps", the notice read.
16th April 2021: After the Rejoinder, DC immediately ordered ADC N Borang to submit an immediate reply and initiated action against the ADC for the first time.

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17th April 2021: A complaint was filed to the Chief Secretary of Arunachal Pradesh Government, alleging Illegal Land Grabbing- Criminal Trespass into the Government land in Longding District.
19th April 2021: We received multiple communication from unverifiable Sources requesting and later sounding threats to withdraw the complaint. Even Insurgent groups sent threats to our Activists.
25th April 2021:Sh Bani Lego, DC, Longding took the matter into the task and fenced the entire area under encroachment, demolished the illegal boundary wall and finally freed the encroachment.

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7th May 2021: The Self proclaimed External Affairs committee of one Local Baptist Church Association started raising demands to re-allocate the evicted government lands to the church again, thus further confirming that they had earlier encroached Government land. However, the DC stood strong this time.
10th May 2021: We received information that Sh Bani Lego, DC, Longding, had ordered the reconstruction of government Quarters.
22nd June 2021: The government of Arunchal Pradesh ordered the transfer of ADC Sh N Borang and demoted him as Extra Assistant Commissioner of Anini.