Summer Diet Tips

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Well the most ferocious season is here. And before it actually starts, it's already showing it's trailer. All of us are troubled, tired and scared of this monster like season called Summer. Indian summer is known worldwide, for its ferocity. But following some basic tips can gaurantee trouble free summer. Let's see the tips.

Summer Diet Tips 

1. Hot & Cold: Temperatures are unbearably hot but to deal we keep rooms not normal but cool. Also sipping iced water and drinks help us to cool down. But these extreme changes in temperature daily can harm your health. Summer cold is common. Also it reduces your immunity and makes you vulnerable to respiratory tract infections. Hence try to have slightly cooler than room temperature drinks, avoid icy or cold drinks right after returning from outside. Avoid jumping into cold water right after coming from outside. Let the body settle in temperature.

2. Change in appetite: Appetite of most people change during summer. Many see reduced appetite but few see increased. Now those who lose their appetite should know that high heat causes number of changes in your body. It also affects your hunger hormones and thus appetite is reduced. In such cases don't force feed yourself and listen to your body. If you have increased appetite, it might be due to calories and energy loss with sweat and also dehydration. In such cases first drink water, settle for some time and then decide how much to eat.

3. Helping foods: During summers one should include easy to digest foods, fruits & veggies with high water content, seasonal fruits, fresh vegetables. Avoid eating spicy, too oily, stale, heavy to digest, and loads of sweet.

4. Summer trouble: No matter how much we try, some or the other day we come face to face with summer and when we are not used to it, then get ready for some side effect. For many this effect is pretty severe. And hence everyone turns to prevention better than cure. And this preventive measures involve lots and lots of sweets. It is crucial to understand that, not every energy drop or heat injury needs loads of sugar to cure. Though sugar gives you instant energy, that energy gets depleted super fast again leaving one vulnerable to heat injuries. Hence whenever you feel energy loss, quickly replenish your electrolytes and have cooling foods.

Remembering these simple things will help you a lot. But still due to negligence or other situation every year many people fall prey to heat injuries. We will see about these in details in next article.

Neha Kank

Neha Kank has a P.G. in Nutrition, Diploma in Sports Nutrition and Diploma in exercise science