Dr. R. H. Tupkary

Dr. R. H. Tupkary graduated in Met. Engg.  from BHU in 1959. Later he completed M. Tech in 1963 and Ph. D. in 1966 from University of Melbourne. He taught at BHU and at VRCE Nagpur. He voluntarily retired in 1994 to become Managing Director of Marathi daily ‘Tarun Bharat’. As a professor at VRCE he was very active for over twenty years in the Nagpur University and was elected in almost all the bodies including the Executive Council over a period of total of twenty years. He was detained for twenty months during the 1975 Emergency. During that period he wrote a book on Steelmaking that made him famous all over the world. He was the founder Chairman of VNIT Nagpur. He is the recipient of ‘Binani Gold Medal’ of IIM and ‘Distinguished Metallurgist Award’ of SAIL. After retirement he has written a book titled ‘Organizational Intelligence’. His Marathi book ‘Vaidnyanik Drishtikonatun RSS’ received Behere award of Pune Marathi Granthalaya in 2005.