Dr. Shephalika Gokhale (PhD.)

Besides working as a Trainer for banks and corporates in areas of general management, investor awareness programs, customer service etc., Shephalika has also worked as Manager (Customer service and Retail Operations) for more than 6 years with IDBI Bank. She also has been teaching at various management institutes and commerce colleges in Pune for the past 11 years.
While pursuing her PhD, she concluded that knowledge about money matters in simple, local language which is easily understandable is lacking. The level of financial awareness about investments and savings is worrisome, not just with adults but also in the young earning group. Managing one’s corpus needs a holistic approach keeping an eye on the various environmental factors. It is this need and her passion to educate people on matters of personal finance, led her to start sharing tips and writing for the layman. Her simple writing is hugely popular and widely read.