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Cinema to strengthen the bilateral relationship between India and Vietnam

“Collaboration in the field of Films, Broadcasting and Information Dissemination would strengthen the ties between India and Vietnam” said M Venkaiah Naidu, Minister for Information & Broadcasting. He further added that the two countries will come close when there will be a collaboration in the field of institutional capacity building in social media, student exchange programs between premier institutes of both the countries in the field of journalism and films in a meeting with Minister of Information ..

Women being victims of Climate changes in deserting villages of Sahara

Changes in the climate had raised many security warning and a vulnerability multiplier as it directly affects human security, food security, water security, energy security—and women’s security. The security questions are raised in the place like Sahel which is hot and arid and situated in the south of Sahara desert. In this area amongst the people are farmers who rely on the land for their livelihood. Changes in the climate, toughens them to grow reliable crops, to find enough water, to find work and ..

Govt enhances subsidy amount to 75% for promoting community radio: Venkaiah Naidu

Information and Broadcasting Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday chaired the meeting of Consultative Committee of I&B Ministry to discuss the roadmap for developing Community Radio in the country. He mentioned that Ministry has recently enhanced the subsidy amount for setting up of Community Radio Stations from 50 % to 90% in the North Eastern States & 75% in other States, subject to a maximum limit of Rs. 7.5 lakhs with a view to promote community radio tool as an effective medium of communication...