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Canada vows to resettle 1200 Yazidi refugees

Canada ones again came forward to help and resettle the refugees in their country who faced persecution by the Islamic State terror group with the open arms. Notably, this time Canada will accept Yezidi refugees who are facing the darkest side of terrorism from Islamic state group. Due to this kind announcement done by Canadian Prime Minister Yezidi refugees gets a ray of hope to spend their further life peacefully. ..

Govt approves several MoUs with Greece, Australia, Poland, Nepal to boost infrastructural development

Government of India, in order to boost the infrastructural development of the country, boost agriculture, greater trade, investment, tourism, cultural exchange, civil aviation, hydroelectric project etc has approved several MoUs with Greece, Australia, Poland, Nepal etc. This is the major step from Government to bring the prosperity and to boost the economy of the country. Notably, all the approvals are given by the Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday...

Security forces gunned down seven Maoists in Chattisgarh

Security forces on Tuesday eliminated seven Maoists in Abujhmad forests of Narayanpur area of Chattisgarh. It is believed that it was one of the biggest operations against Maoists in recent times. Heavy arms and ammunitions are also recovered from the slain maoists. After getting information about the presence of Maoists in the forest area of Narayanpur, security forces moved towards the target area for the operation. As soon as the Maoists saw security forces coming nearer to them, they opened fire which ..

ESA detects ‘Pulsar’ star which emits same amount of energy in 1 second released by Sun in 3.5 years

The European Space Agency’s XMM Newton Satellite has detected – Pulsar the brightest and farthest star. Pulsars are whirling; x-ray emitting, magnetized neutron star which is 50 million light years away. Pulsar is 1,000 times brighter than previously thought and is in the spiral galaxy NGC 5907 also known as the Knife Edge Galaxy or Splinter Galaxy...

'MP Mein Dil Hua Bacche Sa' advt wins prestigious global Effie Award

Colorful, ethnic cultures, different languages, delicious cuisines, diverse folk customs etc are falls under one umbrella of love. India has become the destination for tourists from all over the world. ‘MP Mein Dil Hua Baccha Sa’ has been nominated for Effie Awards, one of the honors given worldwide to encourage effectiveness among marketing communications industry through education and recognition...