Unending political drama in Kenya deepens economic tension in the country
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Oct-2017

Nairobi, October 11: The endless political drama in Kenya has affected the business badly in the country. Prompting the drama more, Raila Odinga, Kenya's opposition leader has pulled out of re-election to be held in mid-October. In last month, Kenyan Supreme Court canceled the validity of Uhuru Kenyatta’s win. This withdrawal is predicted to stifle economic crisis of the country more.

The opposition leader Odinga said he wants to give Election Commission enough time to reform properly. "We have come to the conclusion that there is no intention on the part of the IEBC [electoral commission] to undertake any changes to its operations and personnel... All indications are that the election scheduled for 26 October will be worse than the previous one," he said.

This decision has been viewed by some analysts as a strategy to exit the scenario. There is a high possibility of re-win of Kenyatta. That would be not at all benefiting for Odinga’s career which already got a good hike after Supreme Court’s decision.

Small investors are scared during this political turmoil. The street protests and various disputes have been affecting business since last 4-5 weeks. Common people want mutual negotiation among political leaders for the sake of economy.