Jan-Dhan basher Yechury goes gaga for China 'empowering its people'
Source :NewsBharati   Date :14-Oct-2017
New Delhi, October 14: Sitaram Yechury, the leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) who has constantly attacked all kinds of welfare schemes of Indian government which empowered the common Indian economically and socially, has glued with the Chinese government saying that the China govt has empowered its people and fighting corruption. In an interview to the Chinese news agency Xinhua, Yechury comments that the upcoming 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is important for strengthening multilateralism.
Yechury who has been always a keen basher of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian government's much-applauded governance mechanism and commitment to fight corruption, has spoken high of China's not so known pro-people steps. Yechury buttered his commerades in China clapping the "Remarkable positive changes in terms of governance by empowering the people and fighting corruption in China."
The Yechury interview to Chinese media has no significance when it comes to India-China relations. But it is evident of the fidelity and loyalties which are with China and definitely not with India. The CPI (M) leader and his ideology which is marginalising in India, breathing its last, has always opposed the development and growth measures by the Indian government. More than that the communist leaders have remained ahead to shield bloodthirsty Maowadis (Maoists) and Naxals.
Let's see Yechury's jibes on India's some pro-people initiatives
Demonetisation: Terming demonetisation as a “money laundering exercise that helped convert black money into white” at the expense of people, the Left Leader on Thursday said the Prime Minister should come clean on it and accountability must be fixed as the note-ban “failed” to achieve its objectives.
Jan Dhan Accounts: The Jan Dhan Yojana in which 30 crore families got Jan Dhan accounts , Rs 65,000 crore deposited, was lashed out by the CPI (M) and Yechury had asked ‘Is all policies of this government PR, and all economic data a Jumla?" The same Communist leader is applauding China where the common man is living a dismal life and the money is concentrated with some high ranking individuals.
International Yoga Day: While 47 Islamic nations among the 177 countries of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that officially co-sponsored–with India–a resolution to establish June 21 as “International Day of Yoga, the Communists see it differently. Yechury compared the Yoga postured with dog postures. Yechury gave the example of a dog and said when the animal gets up, it stretches its front and rear legs and takes a deep breath. His loyalty with China shows can also be compared with the loyalty of Dog.
Doklam Silence: The CPI(M) which was hesitative to declare that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel marked a “rupture” in India’s foreign policy and “demanded” an end to all security and military cooperation with Tel Aviv, was silent for a long time on Doklam standoff.
In the interview, Yechury could have expressed his displeasure about the Doklam standoff and Chinese aggression on Bhutan soil, but instead, he chose to cheer for the "One Belt One Road' initiative of China which has slammed by the Security experts saying that "The Belt and Road Initiative is very important for developing countries, as it helps them improve their infrastructure."
Yechury went on praising CPC's achievements under the leadership of General Secretary and Chinese President Xi Jinping, saying one major achievement was the successful adjustment to the global economic crisis that broke out in 2008.
The decisions of the CPC National Congress will be a milestone in China's future development and progress, said Yechury exposing his loyalties.
The CPI (M) leader has expressed his hopes that in the future (of China), the challenges such as economic development, social harmony and the fight against negative features will be met more effectively in China.