UN peacekeepers deployed in Congo after clash between army and militants
Source :NewsBharati   Date :03-Oct-2017

Brazzaville, October 3: The clashes between armed groups and the Congolese army on Monday led the UN to deploy their peacekeepers in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.


To protect the civilians from the attack on the city, MONUSCO the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo has sent its troops to Uvira for the security purpose located near the Burundian border, on the northern end of Lake Tanganyika.

According to allafrica.com, On Thursday Mai Mai Yakutumba who is a militia sent four motorboats filled with the armed men to attack the bridge over the lake. While the army troops drove the militiamen out of the city and several villages they had occupied.

UN helicopters were on patrol in the area but later the situation was under control said the local resident. The reason behind these clashes between the armed groups and the Congolese army in the fight for the mines which are rich in gold and coltan which used in mobile phones.

Due to the failure of the DRC's government to organize elections, the tensions arose and the situation becomes worse when the President Joseph Kabila refused to leave office at the end of his term last December.