Aimless in life? Pack your bags and travel solo to find new inspiration; 5 tips for solo women travelers
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 03-Oct-2017
New Delhi, October 3: Travelling alone can unearth experiences that are otherwise unattainable when navigating with a group. In every person’s life, comes this one point where they stand aimless, not knowing which path to opt. It is very normal but a crucial decision. So, do not worry! Travelling can put you and your mind in ease for further contemplation on choosing a career.

Expect the unexpectedness: Do not form a conclusion of your trip. Just hit the road enabling your body, mind and soul to accept everything that comes your way. Any kind of depression, anxiety or imbalance has high chances to recede if you are on your own trying to find a way out. Remember, dive right in and believe yourself!
Strictly ‘Me-time’: Aim or ambition, comes to only those who are on their own and know which is best for them. While you travel alone, you discover your own advantages and disadvantages which you would have not known if you stayed back with friends or family. Everyone should have the opportunity to check in with himself or herself from time to time, and solo travel offers the perfect conditions for introspection.
Loneliness will pass: You’ll stay more alert while travelling. If you ever thought you are lonely and nobody cares about you, well you are wrong. In a solo trip, you make new friends who might turn up to be your best-buddies for life. Remember, nobody’s alone in this world.
Finding new answers: If you’ve never traveled alone because your first thought is, “What would I even do with myself?” then you are wrong. You will daydream, you will read, you will have exciting adventures, you will encounter funny things to tell your friends about, you will sleep well, you will eat new things, you will want to learn new languages, you will think about your next trip, you will talk to strangers and most importantly, you will take risks.

Solo women travelers are often more confident and pose a concrete opinion on the table. In today’s age where women are conquering corporate offices and the world, it’s time for you to stand up. Here’s a small list of tips for women solo travelers:
• Book your hotel/travel in advance.
• Talk with strangers but do not reveal a word about your accommodation.
• Keep a copy of all your documents in your phone or elsewhere, in case you lose it.
• Carry safety alarms with you, like a small knife or a pepper spray.
• Hide money in unexpected places. In between clothes and pockets, or inside phone cover for emergency.
• Dress like a local. Confuse people with your appearance and blend in well with the crowd to avoid excessive attention.
• Follow your instinct. Be comfortable. Don’t make friends because you ought to. Judge their persona.
• And most importantly, be confident. Wear it like your armour and nobody can stop you ever from having a wonderful adventure.