Speakers accuse Pakistan of terrorizing Baluch, PoK people
Source :NewsBharati   Date :30-Oct-2017

Agra, Oct 30: Coming down heavily on Pakistan speakers at an international seminar here accused the neighbouring country of committing atrocities and terrorising people of Baluchistan and PoK and trying to crush their liberation movements.

The seminar titled “Brutal Force of Pakistan in PoK and Baluchistan” was organised by Hind-Baloch Forum at Sursadan, Agra on October 25. Experts on security and social leaders participated in the seminar.

Speakers warned Pakistna not to take the movement currently going on in Baluchistan for separate, independent nation lightly. The inhuman killing of innocent people agitating peacefully for their demand should not be viewed as their weakness, they said.

The Baluch people share a relationship of over 7000 years with India and India cannot simply sit idle when the Baluch people were suffering inhuman atrocities. Pakistan has been inflicting wounds on the Baluch people with the help of international terrorist organization and that now it stands exposed as its anti-humanity face is bared.


Swami Jitendranand Saraswati, Patron of the Hind-Baloch Forum said that Forum is the first initiative at global level that would bring the people suffering from Pakistani terrorism and atrocities and raise their voice at the appropriate global forum.

India has sheltered over five lakh Baluch refugees from Pakistan and expressed its solidarity with others who are facing the Pakistani terrorism in their motherland.

Swamiji further said that Pakistan has been the father of terrorism in the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had assured in address from the ramparts of the Red Fort on I=-Day that India will support those Baluchs fighting for independence. Therefore, it is the duty of all the Indians to come forwards and support the Baluch. Effrots are on at the national level to garner support for the Baluch people, he said,

Pawan Sinha, President of the Forum, said that with the constitution of this forum the Baluch people scattered over the countries like Canada, Switzerland, and USA, got the chance to come together and raise their voice in unison. It would be our blunder to say that Pakistan only wanted Kashmir, he said adding that Pakistan was actually weakening our youth power by supplying drugs and making them drug addicts, he said.

The program began with lighting the lamp in front of the portrait of Bharat Mata.


Senior RSS leader and Patron of Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) Indresh Kumar said that Pakistan government was murdering human rights in Baluchistan. Baluch people were subjected to inhuman torture and excesses. Baluchs are ancient Indians. They constitute 62 percent land and 40 percent population in Pakistan. In view of their ancient relationship with the Hindus, it is now bounden duty of the Hindus to show compassion towards them, he said.

Political analyst Pushpendra Kulshreshth was of the opinion that India's stand in case of Baluchistan was correct. India is at present engaged with two and a half enemies -- China, Pakistan and the intellectuals within the country who indirectly supported the anti-national elements under the guise of freedom of expression.

Pakistan is getting kicked by the world communities for its alleged involvement in terror acts. The way it is treating the Baluch people, Pakistan is receiving condemnation from the world nations, he said.

Former RAW Director RSN Singh said that Wahabi Islam does not recognize Baluch people as Muslims. He accused Pakistan of committing atrocities on them. Baluch had historical relatiosn with India and has been part of India. The peole there are not ready to bow to the diktats of Pakistani government.