Pakistan has a last chance to give up terrorism, before we initiate action against it: US Warns
Source :NewsBharati   Date :05-Oct-2017

Washington, October 5: US Defence Secretary James Mattis said that the Pakistan has a last chance to give up using terrorism to further its goals before Washington initiates action against it. He warned Pakistan of global diplomatic isolation and losing its Non-NATO ally status if it failed to take action against safe havens to terrorists on its soil.

Mattis told the House panel the United States would try "one more time to make this strategy work with" Pakistan, which has been accused of supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Asked if that included expanded U.S. drone strikes and downgrading Pakistan's status as a major non-NATO ally, Mattis said, "I am sure it will be."

The American Defence Secretary said President Donald Trump is prepared to take whatever steps necessary against Pakistan, if it does not change its behaviour and continued to support terror groups.

Mattis also said India is a force for stability in South Asia and India-US political ties can be tightened together. During a Congressional hearing on Afghanistan, he told members of House Armed Services that India is a nation coming into their own as a great nation, economically, as they have steady growth rates going on right now.

Responding to another question, Mattis said India has an "outsized role" to play in the region because of its size.

Mattis said India and the US now have a strategic convergence of two natural partners, the two largest democracies in the world. He said there are a number of things in motion right now, and decisions will be coming very soon.

Notably, Pakistan had decided to frame new rules of engagement with Washington, after POTUS Trump had accused the Muslim nation of harbouring and supporting terrorists. Pakistani government said that the international community should stop blaming Pak for the existence of the militant outfits in its soil.