MEA refutes media reports on Chinese activity in Doklam
Source :NewsBharati   Date :06-Oct-2017
New Delhi, Oct 6: The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has issued a statement denying report of renewed road widening activity by the Chinese forces in Doklam area along the Indo-Bhutan border.
The MEA Spokesperson in a statement categorically denied any such report and stated that there was no new development at the face-off site and its vicinity after the August 28 disengagement.
The MEA said that the status quo prevailed in this area and that any suggestion to the contrary was incorrect.
However, and other media reported that the Chinese have started road widening activity in Doklam in violation of the disengagement agreement. The news captioned “With 500 soldiers on Guard, China Expands Road in Doklam” the television news channel, known for its mischievous attitude to spread the lies against the NDA government in general and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular, has reported “Barely a month after the winding down of an aggressive stand-off with India at the Sikkim border, the Chinese army is back to building a road on the Doklam PLateau...”
This news provided the much-needed cannon fodder to the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi who has made himself a laughing stock by issuing quixotic statements on issues of national importance in the past and continues to do so even now, to launch yet another tirade against the government.
It may be recalled how he dared the Modi government on job creations by asking the PM to hand over the reins of the government to the Congress which according to RaGa is capable of creating jobs in just six months – the job his entire family that ruled or (ruined) this country for over six decades could not accomplish.
But RaGa is not a leader to be cowed down by such short failures. The provided him yet another opportunity to shoot a new missile against the NDA government and PM Modi. He tweeted demanding an 'explanation from the PM.
His tweet said: Modiji, once you're done thumping your chest, could you please explain this?" The popular reactions to RaGa’s tweet are self-explanatory and hardly need any elaboration in whose side the wind is blowing.
But alas! The MEA statement on the issue of Chinese building roads in Doklam has taken out the air from RaGa’s anti-Modi balloon.