Domestic violence in India is less than Switzerland, 20% of Swiss children are victims of domestic abuse today!
Source :NewsBharati   Date :09-Oct-2017
Bern, October 9: Domestic violence shapes a person’s life dynamically. Everyone in India would think that the rate of domestic violence in India is higher than the other countries. Well, that’s not the scenario. According to a new study by the Zurich University, 1 in 5 children in Switzerland are beaten in their domestic environment. 
The study, seen exclusively by German-language Swiss daily Aargauer Zeitung, highlights worrying levels of domestic abuse aimed at children in Switzerland. A family's financial security has a strong bearing on how children are treated, argues the report. Violence towards children is twice as high in families who receive social benefits and live closer to the poverty line. 
Forty percent of children of parents from former Yugoslavian countries, namely Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia, experience violence in the home. More than a third of children of parents of Portuguese heritage also experience regular domestic abuse, adds the report. 
According to the study's author, Dirk Baier, certain Diasporas have a stronger culture of domestic violence than others. The report is based on interviews with 10,000, 17-year-olds in Switzerland. Two out of five children are vulnerable to physical reproaches or "lighter forms of violence," in the daily's words; the flick of an ear or a slap. The study argues that 20 percent of children in Switzerland live in "serious danger" because of violence; an extra 42.3 percent are threatened by "light violence," while 37 percent of children in Switzerland are free of violence at home. 
Such is the scenario of domestic violence in Switzerland. India is much better than other nations in many aspects, let's just take sides on positive results and ignore the negative instincts.