Big show of force: Japan’s biggest warship to join 3 US carriers near Korean Peninsula
Source :NewsBharati   Date :11-Nov-2017

Tokyo, November 11: Amid the tension in the Korean peninsula, US President Donald Trump’s Asia tour, Japan’s largest warship will conduct a joint exercise with three US aircraft carriers. The joint military exercise will start from Sunday in the waters near the Korean Peninsula.

As per Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force’s press release, Japanese ships Ise, Inazuma and Makinami will sail with the USS Ronald Reagan, USS Nimitz, and USS Theodore Roosevelt in the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea on Sunday. The force is using the opportunity to strengthen the tie with US Navy and this is an effort to stabilize regional security.

This is a rare show of force coinciding with Trump’s Asia tour. For the first time in this decade, three American carriers have trained together. Last time such rare tri-carrier deal was conducted in 2007. It is being seen as a demonstration of US commitment towards its allies.

Earlier, South Korean state news agency also said South Korean Navy would hold a joint exercise with three U.S. aircraft carriers. From the South Korean side, seven South Korean warships, including two Aegis vessels were scheduled to participate.

On Wednesday the US 7th Fleet said the three carrier strike groups "will conduct coordinated operations in international waters in order to demonstrate the U.S. Navy's unique capability to operate multiple carrier strike groups as a coordinated strike force effort.”